MOD without battery inside the casing is a metal tube that powers your device and hold the e-cigarette battery. It has no wires and circuitry. The tubing itself is a superconductor, which helps complete the circuit of the battery to power the tank crewed onto the top.

It has no power controls, but you can regulate the wattage by selecting the right atomizer resistance level you attach to the MOD. It is actually automatic and very easy use, since this type of MOD has no settings to adjust; you only need to put in the high quality battery and Vape until the battery runs out of power. The metal and design is old-fashioned and very cool and, or high-tech and slick as well as very portable.

It is often shorter and much more compact than MOD with battery inside the casing. It often has an LCD screen to monitor various factors, which give users more control over type flavor they need. It has several safety limits, and the voltage drop of the battery is regulated, so that users can get more consistent power from the battery until it runs out of power. This MOD has high power capabilities than most regulated MODs. For instance, if you want to develop your own atomizer with more heat, more vaping and more flavours, a MOD without battery inside the casing can allow you do that.

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