E-liquid / e-juice

E-cig or electronic –cigarettes are vaporizers powered by a battery and have the feeling of tobacco smoking. An aerosol mist is produced rather than the common cigarette smoke. Generally, a heating element vaporizes an e liquid.

Our society today is health conscious and a large number of people want to understand precisely what they are allowing into their bodies through consumption. Bringing more information about these products may make more customers to consider e-cigarettes as a substitute to tobacco smoking. This discussion will provide you with the required peace of mind if you are considering a transition from nicotine delivery.

What are e-liquid?

Now that is clear that vaping is not smoking, you might be wondering what is in this liquid being atomized into e-cigarettes.

These are liquid solutions which are mixtures of nicotine, glycol, propylene glycerin and flavorings while others have similar ingredients with an exception of nicotine. Here is a detailed information about this mixture:

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): This is the main ingredient making 80 to 90 percent of the e-liquid and is composed of a hundred percent vegetable glycerin or a mixed with Propylene glycol. The most common ratios are a hundred percent VG, 50/50 propylene glycol/ vegetable glycerin and 80/20 Propylene glycol/ vegetable glycerin. VG is commonly used in all food types and personal care products such as toothpaste.

Propylene glycol (PG): This is a solvent that has many uses and is frequently mixed with vegetable glycerin as an e-juice base. It is used in fog machines along with being a solvent. A higher portion of PG of the e-juice mixture produces thicker vapor clouds. This solvent can dry your throat out and even cause slight allergic reactions in some users. Those who are allergic to PG should use e-juices with a hundred percent vegetable glycerin.

Flavor: This makes of 10%to20% of the e-liquid. The most common flavorings used in e- liquids are food grade flavorings that were originally intended for candy making and baking others include wine flavorings. There hare more than 225 flavors satisfying the needs for the users.

Nicotine: It makes up 0%to 2.4%, depending on the concentration. Large suppliers of e-juice use pure nicotine with pharmaceutical grade. E-cigarettes allow their users to choose their individual levels of nicotine, making them more flexible than the traditional cigarettes

Distilled water can be used to dilute, in case it is required.

Among the most popular manufactures of e-liquids include;

  • VaporFi e-liquids- previously known as vapor zones
  • Halo e-cig liquid
  • South beach e-liquids
  • Apollo e-liquids
  • Vapor boost e-liquid
  • Liquid Id among others

You can are now assured that the white clouds produced by e-cigars are made to the highest standards using high quality ingredients. The aspiration of the manufacturers is to give you a vaping satisfaction. It is a fact that e cigarettes contain fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes.

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