Following the recent story in the Daily Mail, it would not make sense if you were worried about the content of carcinogens in e-cigarettes. The headline screamed that electronic cigarettes contain up to 10 times carcinogens. The research commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Health found carcinogens like acetaldehyde and formaldehyde in vapour produced by many types of electronic liquid. Isn’t it very scary? Plus the report was released by the Japanese government, and the mindset that the reports from governments are trusted. Not to mention that Japanese government owns a big tobacco factory.

Fortunately, in vaping society, there are many scientists and researchers and who are quick to investigate the source of the story. In fact, the statement just referred to a single carcinogen, not all the carcinogens as claimed in the Daily Mail headlines. It was just one brand of electronic cigarette out of 10 tested. When the data were tested by electronic cigarettes researchers, they completely showed different results of the story. Actually, the worst e-cigarette brand tested contained six times lower formaldehyde level as compared to tobacco smoke.

The point was well proven by an FDA analysis of e-liquids. After using innovative techniques to study the ingredients of electronic cigarettes at a critical level, the FDA only found one carcinogenic agent, nitrosamines in e-liquids. The quantity of nitrosamines found in traditional cigarettes is 14,000 times higher than those found in e-liquids. However, when actual vapour was tested, no carcinogen was found at all.

The fact that some electronic cigarettes tested had no formaldehyde at all was quite impressive, but users must be more careful about what e-liquid and e-cigarettes they buy. The Daily Mail story was unfortunate and was intended stop smokers from switching to electronic cigarette as well as persuade their users to revert to traditional cigarettes. The shocking truth is that the article from Daily Mail will certainly cause unnecessary tobacco related deaths.

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