Lastyear, the London fire departments STOPTOBER campaign was openly promotingvaping. Here’s why.

The heatwave in the UK has seen more fires,both natural and manmade burning through the headlines. With the heatwave hascome hosepipe bans, thick layers of sunscreen, and a more cautious attitude tothe disposing of cigarettes. This isn’t surprising; smoking has causedcountless housefires for hundreds of years and many lives have been lost becauseof it. Even a single ember in a confined room could cause a fire if leftuntended. Alongside its health benefits, vaping has been promoted for anti-burnagendas, as well as by the London Fire Department during the STOPTOBER campaignlast October. With the intention of promoting an anti-smoking message, theStoptober Campaign also warned of the dangers of smoking and the increased riskof fires, offering vaping as an alternative.

Thefire department and vaping

As of 2016, the London Fire department officiallychanged their vaping guidelines to match those of health professionals. Withfour times as many people smoking than vaping, their research showed that therewere still 225 times more smoking related fires than there were vaping. Evenwith the disparity, the message was clear. On a fire causing level at least,smoking was more dangerous than vaping.

Willvaping really decrease the risk of fires?

On a more specific level, the London firedepartment calculated that in the past 3 years, they had been called to 3580smoking related fires, as opposed to the 15 caused by vaping. This meant thatthe fire department were far more likely to take up a pro vaping stance, notonly because of their fire risk, but due to their health benefits as well. Withno recorded deaths or injuries resulting from vaping, heat not burn devicesseem like the logical advice for firefighters to give.

Howto vape fire free

There were still those 15 reported caseshowever, and firefighters are right to urge people to exercise caution and carewhen vaping. Ensuring that your devices are installed and used correctly willhelp to combat unnecessary fire calls. Last summer for instance, a vape deviceburst in Euston Station in London during rush hour, prompting the station to beshut down and a bomb disposal unit to be dispatched. It is vital therefore,that you look after your vape device.

Usethe right charger

A charger not suited to your vape device isa sure-fire way to see your device short out. If you’re looking for a good wayto minimise the risk of electrical fires in your home, use the charger providedwhen you bought your vape device. All vape devices have different power outputsand different applications for their charging kits. Most however, will use USBchargers, giving you a versatile and easy way to keep vaping, if the kit iscompatible that is.

Usethe right batteries

Vape devices have different power settingsdepending on the kind of device they are. This means that using the rightbatteries is vital to the longevity of your device, and in minimising the riskof accidents. What’s more, faulty batteries can lead to fire related incidentsinvolving your vape device. If your battery seems to have been tampered with inany way, ensure that you replace it with one in working order.

Bootlegvape juices

Another safety issue concerning vape devices isthat the vape juices can sometimesbe bootlegged, causing them to overheat in devices and cause big problems whenit comes to vape safety. With clogged up coils risking the device to burn out,there are a whole range of problems which can come with faulty vape liquids.With spit back just one of several issues, always ensure that you are keepingyour vape device running on premium e liquids. You never know what is in thebootlegs.

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