Vape devices may be safer than smoking, but your battery is a different matter entirely.

Last year vaping was promoted by the London fire brigade during their Stoptober Campaign. Their reasoning was that there have been far less deadly fires caused by vaping tan there have been by vape devices. They still warned vape users to exercise caution however, and this comes down to the swapping of fire with electricity. Electronics can still short circuit, and in vape devices cause them to burst or catch alight, as seen in last summer’s Euston train station evacuation due to vape device exploding at rush hour. So what do you need to know to keep your vape battery at optimum capacity and more importantly, safe?

The different vape batteries

Most vape batteries are 18650 batteries. These batteries are 18 by 65 mm and are often filled with ionised lithium. Most vape devices will use these due to their small size and durability. Although your average lithium batteries are not always stable enough to be used with a vape device, there are specific types which are safe within regulated and unregulated devices. These batteries are often specifically designed for e cigarettes and replacements can be found in most vape shops.

Disposable or rechargeable?

When it comes to deciding between an inbuilt or exterior vape battery, consider how much you use your vape device and where you will be taking it. Most vape devices will come with an in built vape battery which can be charged by a USB cable. Many unregulated decks will need you to insert your own battery. Keep in mind that no battery will last forever, and when your internal vape battery begins playing up, you’ll need a new vape device as well. That being said, external batteries require an extra level of knowledge in vape circuit building which needs to be handled safely. The choice is yours, but make sure the internal battery your buying is long lasting and that you take care of it.

Does the brand matter?

To ensure battery safety, make sure you are only buying your vape batteries from trusted sources. Bootleg batteries are more likely to short circuit and even leak, causing harm to both your device and yourself. With so many trusted brands out there, you might have to spend an extra few pennies, but it’ll definitely be worth it for your peace of mind.

What to look for in a vape device

So when it comes to buying a vape battery, what will you need to look out for to ensure efficiency and satisfaction?

First off, you want a powerful battery with a high current and capacity rating, ensuring large amounts of power can flow through your device. A low operating temperature is also crucial. This is so that your vape device can reach higher temperatures and your battery won’t overheat.

No damage to the battery wrap

One must for your external vape battery is that the wrap has not been damaged. A battery’s metal casing is often covered in plastic so as to ensure it doesn’t react with the metals it’s coming into contact with. If the wrapping on your vape device is damaged, you’ll either have to buy a new battery or purchase a battery wrap. When inside your vape device, an unwrapped battery could react with the vape liquid and electric currents, leading to leaks and an unusable device. A battery wrap will ensure that your battery is insulated inside your device.

Don’t overcharge your device

When charging your vape device, ensure that you are keeping an eye on your charging kit and that you take it off the charger once it has reached full charge. Keeping a device overcharged will ironically shorten its lifespan and also mean that your device is more likely to short circuit from an over juiced battery.

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