Tickedoff everything on your bird watching list? Here’s a new list for the avid subohm puffing spotters out there.

We’ve all come across the symptoms. Thesmug look, or the eye roll when you take a puff on your new device. Maybe it’sa patronising smirk which makes you want to sub ohm vape a large cloud in theirface. Unfortunately, they’re here to stay, and as the vaping debate continuesit’s fair to say that the rabid anti-vaper won’t become extinct any time soon, evenwith tobacco companies changing their ways because of it. Even though it’s nowa definitive fact that vaping is far safer than smoking, there’s still a widerange of people out there who still find it difficult to comprehend thebenefits of e cig liquid. Maybe it’sa misinformed mate, or a passer by in the streets, but you can spot them a mileoff, and with this generations avid listicle loiterers looking to the worldwide web to define the world out there, we’ve created a guide to help youtraverse the irritating world of the anti-vaper.


News readers and journalists, especially inthe tabloid press, are always looking for a good story to fearmonger the masses.That’s where news article headlines stating, incredibly vaguely, that “Vapejuice can KILL” come from. With eye catching headlines based on shoddyresearch, you can see lots of scared and angry readers on the comments list.This is a hotbed for internet trolls and can be very damaging for the vapeindustry. It’s all well and good for journalists to question businesses and thegovernment, but it can be incredibly damaging when the facts are wrong, andsometimes deliberately so.


Lobbying is all part of the political game,and when there’s money in an industry, you can be sure there’s someonewhispering in the ear of the politicians. Anti-vaping lobbyists may have a widerange of agendas. They could be promoting some other form of smoking cessationtool, or they could be in the pocket of the tobacco industry, but whatever thereason, you can be sure to see them taking advantage of the abovesensationalist’s insidious journalism. Anti-vaping lobbyists may work under theguise of the more respectable anti-addiction lobbyist, but with a focus onvaping, which has been endorsed even by Cancer Research UK and the NHS as astrong smoking cessation tool.

Themisinformed parent

In the past there has been a distinct worrythat vaping can be a gateway to smoking, especially among the young or underageusers. This means that those dodgier e liquid suppliers who are supplying to those whoa re too young, are damagingthe industry by increasing the widespread worry among parents. There is littleevidence to say that vapers turn to smoking. It seems that most people arequite the contrary, and any parents who are worried that their children aresmoking tobacco, should not blame vaping as the problem unless there isevidence to suggest that it played a part.

Thetobacco loving propagandist

You may come across smokers who are rathersniffy. We say sniffy, but in reality, their habit has debilitated their senseof smell. They may look down at vaping as “uncool” or faddy compared tosmoking, acting smug as their rolling paper blows away with the smallest gustof wind. The fact of the matter is that you will be having the last laugh, thesmug smoker most likely succumbing to one of many ailments exacerbated by thehabit.


The avid political activist, or thosesuspicious of big business may take an anti-capitalist stance against vaping.With large tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris taking an interest inbecoming e liquid suppliers, you canhardly blame them for their suspicion. For those who take an anti-capitalistagenda when it comes to vaping, their main problem is in the way that largercorporations infringe on the livelihoods of smaller independent companies. Mostof the companies making the best e liquids ARE independent. This means that theanti-capitalists worry of vaping becoming too corporate are currentlyunfounded. If you ever come across one, be sure to show them the evidence,whether that be through the independent vape juices at our Orpington vape shop, or whether it be through a quick search onlineof the companies behind the best vape juices out there.


These guys take a hard line on vaping andits use of nicotine. To the staunch anti-addiction campaigner, any use ofaddictive substances is a red line you should never cross. This black and whiteapproach may lead to a lot of lecturing to you, a vape user who may beminimising health risks by having given up smoking. If faced with disapprovalfrom the anti-addiction activist, politely show them that vape liquid can alsocome nicotine free, as well as vaping’s aiding in the quit smoking crusade.

Cloudhating café lurker

This specimen of the anti-vaper has nogrounding for their vehemence other than their own idea of what’s hot andwhat’s not. This café dweller is enraged that the local artisan coffee shop isallowing people to vape indoors and is perplexed by the growing trend. Perhapstheir stuck in their ways or a staunch traditionalist. Whatever their reason orpsychological makeup, they see vaping as ugly and uncool. There’s no reasoning withtheir smugness, unless you can show them that their cooler than cool hero, sayLeonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, are also vapers.


This is the same person who thinks thegovernment is watching their every move on social media, the same person whobelieves that AI is out to get us all. It’s not likely that our vape devicesare going to cause a nuclear apocalypse, and instead of embracing how sometechnology can help us make the world a better, and healthier place, thetechnophobe is far more likely to build a bunker in their garden if you sub ohmanywhere near them.

The linking factor between all the anti-vapers,it seems, is that they are fooled by misleading journalism and misconceptionsabout vaping. This makes it ever more crucial that those who know the truthabout vaping and its benefits spread the positive and often life changing word.

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