With the release of vaping products, numerous spectators in the industry have been asking themselves a question. Do smokers who move to e-cigs use them to stop their cigarette habit altogether? Or do they smoke e-cigs on occasion before reverting to their cigarettes?

If smokers can successfully replace their cigarette habit with e-cigs, then that means that e-liquid vapes are naturally an important consideration for smokers who want to kick their habit. The strategies that most smokers employ traditionally are: slowly reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke per day, replacing cigarettes with nicotine patches and gums, extinction therapy, and counselling.

Smoking cigarettes produce symptoms that include hair loss, weak breathing, lower red blood cell count, lung health deterioration, and possible cancer and tumour development. But smoking doesn’t just affect health in general; it also massively reduces a person’ ability to perform at a high level – in any athletic endeavour.

According to some studies, e-cigarettes can indefinitely help smokers quit their habit. There appears to be a lot less of a pain factor involved, considering that smokers can still “smoke”. “We estimate for every 10,000 people who used an e-cigarette to quit, approximately 580 would have quit who wouldn’t have stopped otherwise,” said Robert West, co-author of the study and Professor of Health Psychology at University College, London.

In 2015, vapour products alone may have helped about 18,000 smokers quit who would not otherwise have quit. Other studies have confirmed the same. So if after countless attempts you’ve not been able to quit your smoking habit, consider trying out vaping. It might end up being one of the best decisions you end up making.

After smokers have built the habit of smoking cigarettes, year after year – e-cigs replace that habit perfectly. According to studies, the vapour from these products only has 6% of the toxic substances found in cigarette smoke.

With the number of vapour products, it’s becoming clearer that smoking cigarettes is slowly growing out of trend. Yet, many people are still suffering from their addiction. Considering all the reasons behind how smoking damages Men’s health, vaping proves to be a legitimate, healthier alternative.

Consider the range e-liquid products in your country. While some people can’t stop their cigarette habit even after trying vapour products, there does seem to be a fair share of people that kick the habit entirely. For that reason, it’s a worthwhile consideration for any person who’s trying to end smoking indefinitely. 

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