If you’re a smoker who’s never tried vaping, it might end up being the long-term replacement for your cigarette habit. After all, you’re probably well aware of the damaging effects of cigarettes, particularly in the long term.

In our opinion, if you’ve tried every different kind of strategy to wean yourself off smoking to no avail, then vaping is a worthy consideration. There’s no doubt that some people have found success in quitting smoking using nicotine patches and gum. But not everyone is solely addicted to the substance of nicotine. For some, it’s the ritual of smoking something - which they just can’t let go off.

To that end, vaping might be a worthy strategy for those. The best thing to do if you’re a serial smoker, and have been for years, is to kick the habit of smoking altogether. But if you enjoy the practice of smoking, and want to do it with less than 10% of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, then consider the e-liquid UK products.

Considering the nicotine is far less, and toxic substances in the smoke amount to just 6% of cigarette smoke, it’s the far healthier alternative. We’re betting that it’ll just about give you the kick you need – while allowing you to cut away from the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Vaping among smokers and ex-smokers may be on the decline. That suggests that the practice isn’t nearly as inherently addictive as cigarettes. Naturally, you can feel far surer about the prospect of starting vaping, and quit at your convenience – should you choose to do so.

Due to growing taxes on vaping products, and the tendency for local authorities and organisations to treat e-cigarettes as cigarettes, many people, have stigmatised e-cigarettes. We don’t believe that vaping is just another fad for younger generations to partake in, but a viable solution for an endless list of smokers who have failed to quit their habit.

So what do you have to lose? Give it and go, and experience a potential change in your life. You might end up enjoying vaping for a couple of months and no longer be attached to smoking altogether. Or you might completely replace your habit with vaping. Either way, you’ll be in a much better position, had you subsisted yourself on cigarette smoking. And we mean that from a health perspective and financial perspective too, considering that e-liquids are far more economical in the long run. 

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