With the proliferation of vaping products consumers now have a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. With e-liquid flavours and UK products available in many stores, vaping is now more accessible than ever. But what if you’ve never tried vaping and finding it difficult to understand all the fuss is about? We’ve got you covered in this article.

Perhaps the first thing potential vapers get confused about is what the e-liquid is made of. The concoction is made from certified organic vegetable glycerine. The next ingredient is propylene glycol, one of the main ingredients in asthma inhalers. The flavours are usually food-grade and can either be natural or artificial. The last element is pharmaceutical grade nicotine. In essence, all the ingredients in vaping products are completely safe to consume.

Interestingly, many vapers use very little to no nicotine. Most users will probably start off with high nicotine level vapours when they’re just getting off cigarettes. But over times, they’ll be able to graduate to devices that produce more smoke and have less nicotine. They may then start to understand that the less nicotine in a vape, the better the flavour of an e-liquid.

That fact often goes unmentioned, and it’s one of the reasons why many smokers have been able to successfully kick their cigarette habit. Vaping products seem to naturally reward users with a more pleasurable favourable experience when they use lower nicotine e-liquids. And despite what media pundits may, even adults like things that taste better.

And it’s not just kid-friendly flavours that become more enjoyable. Even extremely flavours such as menthol ice blue, or oatmeal and raisin, end up smelling and tasting better when they have less nicotine.

The average person has probably a couple of different things concerning the vapour produced by e-liquids. One it’s perfectly harmless. Or two it’s worse cigarettes. The answer lies much closer to the first admission, with studies demonstrating that the combustion of vaping products has just six percent of the toxic substances in the counterpart cigarette smoke.

So all in all, we hope these reasons give you the added incentive to try vaping out! 

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