With the holiday season coming up soon, you may wonder about what you’re going to buy for your loved ones. Giving them something that they will enjoy using regularly is one of the best gifts you can offer them. After all, how often do we receive presents, only to never benefit from them for the long term?

We might have already experienced something like this say, through receiving a jumper we didn’t particularly like, or a perfume that we only ended up using on the rare occasion.

Ideally, gifts should be tailored to the particular person in mind and be used consistently by the person. And so, if you have friends and family members who are regularly enjoying smoking cigarettes, then we can’t help but feel like contributing to their vice would be a thoughtful gift.

After all, we all know about the harmful effects of smoking: from lung disease to tumours, and respiratory illnesses. While they might be addicted to smoking, and they might enjoy their habit, you don’t necessarily want to contribute to it! Luckily, with vaping, there’s a suitable replacement that doesn’t leave them suffering from the harmful effects of smoking - while giving them the experience of enjoying their habit.

Buy your friends and family a vaping kit, it’ll be more than likely that they’ll regularly use your gift. Especially if you also provide them with an assortment of exciting, eclectic vape juice. Some of the flavours available included, honey cured tobacco, pink spot flavour, and watermelon wave flavour. If you know what fruits they enjoy the most, you can be even more of a thoughtful friend with the flavours you choose for them!

In the case that you already have friends and family who enjoy smoking e-cigarettes - then all the more reason to gift them what they’re used to. Since they already have a vaporiser, you can buy them an assortment of flavours to choose from. Or if you want, you can get more creative and buy them individual accessories for their vaping habits. For instance, consider a vaping bag, or a silicone case.

Since vaping can mean having such a wide variety of tools, they’ll appreciate anything that helps them become more organised. Vapers love having variety when it comes to their smoking habits, so there’s no doubt that they’ll appreciate any kind of thought.

If you buy a vaping gift for a cigarette smoker who’s never tried vaping before, their first reaction might be to look at your gift with a silent inner groan. “Oh no, I don’t think this will be for me” will be the instinctual reaction.

But we guarantee that they’ll eventually try out what you’ve gifted them. Not before long, they’ll truly appreciate your. Over time, they’ll potentially thank you for saving their health and giving them the impetus to make a positive change in their lives. After all, we all recognize the adverse effects of smoking.

Smoking cigarettes produce symptoms that include weak breathing, lower red blood cell count, lung health deterioration, and possible cancer and tumour development. But smoking doesn’t just affect health in general; it also massively reduces a person’ ability to perform in regular aerobic activities.

“We estimate for every 10,000 people who used an e-cigarette to quit, approximately 580 would have quit who wouldn’t have stopped otherwise,” said Robert West, co-author of the study and Professor of Health Psychology at University College, London.

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