Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength For Your E-cig Or Mod

You may be reading this article because you’ve finally decided to quit the cigarettes – and that’s a brilliant achievement in itself! Now you might be considering taking things down a notch and enter the world of vaping. But you may have wondered, which nicotine strength would be right for me? Choosing the right nicotine strength is one of the most important things you must consider when transitioning from cigarettes to vaping- if you get this part wrong, you could find yourself unable to beat those cravings and back on the cigarettes in no time. In this article we will go through a helpful guide on choosing the correct nicotine strength for you and you needs.

For People Who Smoke

If you have been a long time smoker and wish to switch to vaping, you should bear in mind that you’ll likely need a higher nicotine level in your vape, especially when you first start. The high levels of nicotine smokers opt for, generally taste the same as cigarettes- and it’s that familiarity of taste and hit that’s appealing to smokers. Generally smokers start out with 18 mg or 1.8 nicotine, whether it’s in a high-PG E-liquid or in a disposable e-cigarette. It is recommended that smokers go for the high-PG vape juice as offers a very similar throat hit to cigarettes. For smokers that only smoke lightly or socially, you’ll be better off getting a lower nicotine level of high-PG E-liquid. The nicotine levels 4 mg and 8 mg are ideal choices for smokers and really do offer you a satisfying vape! If you are a smoker you’ll definitely want an e-cig liquid which gives you a hit, especially if you’ve struggled with nicotine cravings in the past.

For People Who Already Vape

If you’ve already been vaping for quite a while, you still might like the feel of smoking a cigarette- and that’s completely ok! You can simply use a higher nicotine strength with high resistance coils and a lower wattage mod, and get ready to receive the truly satisfying throat hit you’ve been secretly craving. If you are one of the vapers use who uses a box mod, it’s best to fill your tank with a lower nicotine high-VG E-liquid, particularly if you are sub-ohm vaping. If there is too much power in your tank you could get a harsh throat hit- which no one wants! It’s also best to opt for lower nicotine levels if you have a high wattage mod or any RDA’s.

For People Who Are Done With Nicotine

You might be one of those people who are completely done with nicotine. You’ve given up the cigarettes and don’t want nicotine anymore- you’d rather just quit it and try something different. Well if that’s the case then there are definitely some options. There are a number of E-liquids on the market which contain zero nicotine, which is great if you’re not interested in a nicotine rush and don’t suffer from any cravings. Many smokers who have tapered down their nicotine intake often find themselves using zero nicotine E-juices, and are able to maintain the hand to mouth ritual that smoking and vaping offers. No-nicotine E-juices also appeal greatly to casual vapers who simply want to try out some of the many tasty, flavoured juices which are currently everywhere.

E-juices which contain no nicotine are very popular with many different types of vapers, because they are simply free of any addictive substances and taste great! Now that there are thousands of E-liquid juices on offer online and in stores, the opportunities to try some distinctly delicious and different are endless. 

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