When vaping products were first released, they were seen as nothing more than a fad by many. Today, vaping products have revolutionised the world all over, stamping their mark as the go-to alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

In a world where cigarettes are the number one leading cause of lung cancer, a viable option had to come into place. Up until 2003, nicotine patches, and herbal cigarettes were a few of the ways smokers could start replacing their addiction with something healthier.

However, not all people are successful with nicotine patches, since it doesn’t give the person the vice they so enjoy, which is part of the reason why people are addicted to cigarettes: they enjoy the ritual.

When they’re feeling anxious, they know they have the quick escape of smoking to smoke on to go to. If they’re feeling peckish and there isn’t any food around, then they know they can have the pleasure of smoking a cigarette.

With nicotine patches, people don’t get those benefits. From that perspective, herbal cigarettes seem to be a viable alternative. However, they can often be just as expensive than cigarettes if not more so. Furthermore, they’re not asespecially since enjoyable to smoke, because they burn quicker and don’t have the most pleasant taste.

Some people have even reported that they’re almost too similar to traditional cigarettes, meaning they become just as dependent on them.

The battery-powered e-cigarettes, on the other hand are different enough not to be as addictive. And they’re also not nearly as expensive and are a whole lot more fun to enjoy. Consider that there are more than 400 e liquid flavours. That means e-cigarette smokers can effectively add so much variety and novelty to their smoking habit, that they forget cigarettes altogether.

Those that smoke ecigarettes leave the “traditional world of smoking” and enter a new one that’s far more playful, exciting, and novel. E-cigarettes have been especially popular with younger crowds. They’re new, unique, and a bit rebellious. Young adults who want to smoke but are not willing to suffer the health consequences, now have something they can grab on to.

According to surveys in the US, one out of ten high school students uses e-cigs. And while it might seem like it’s largely down to the novelty of the product, it’s also because of marketing via word of mouth.

With the growing popularity of e-cigs, a larger proportion of tobacco smokers have been able to quit their habit altogether. According to research done in England, the growth of-cigarettes has been associated with a higher rate of successful attempts to quit smoking.

Best E cig UK may have their fair share of criticisms, but no other single product has been as successful in helping smokers quit their habit, and still enjoy their vice in a familiar way.

All in all, ecigarettes have been indirectly responsible for the worldwide reduction of tobacco smokers. In a few decades, it may be possible that we live in a world where very people smoke tobacco cigarettes – they just won’t be as an enticing of an option anymore.

Similarly to the way, VHS was eventually replaced by DVDs, and how Blockbuster was outchampioned by Netflix, we now live in a world where innovations are driving the nature of our daily habits. 

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