With the range of Eliquid flavours out there, those who vape have everything and anything to choose. From flavours like muffins with ice cream, all the way up to flavours such as watermelon combined with blueberries – the possibilities are endless.

The Three Types of Vapers

If we were to break down the three types of vapers when it comes to their flavour choices, then we’d line them up in three categories. First, there’s the connoisseur, who knows so much about vaping, that he’s willing to try out flavours that most don’t dare to.

Then there’s the middle man, who knows what he likes, and occasionally ventures out to something different every once in a while. He holds his favourites to his chest because he recognises that, they’re the best flavours out there for his particular tastes. After trying out so many flavours, he also knows exactly which flavours to avoid. For him, trying out new flavours is a mere matter of curiosity, rather than discovery.

Then there’s the beginner, who hasn’t quite found his place in the vaping world. He tries different flavours in the hope of finding the ones that he loves. Yet the more he tries different flavours, the more he realises there’s so much more to discover. It may take up to a year or so before he’s ready to move up to the “middle man” – where he’ll know exactly what his top five flavours are, and which ones to avoid.

Below, you’ll find the different sorts of flavours available on our store.

Spice Flavours

Aromas and scents of chai and cinnamon are built to entice and intoxicate your taste buds. With their complex and exotic flavours, these liquids mystify and intrigue the palate. It’s no wonder that at no1ejuice, they’re some of the bestselling flavours.

Fruit flavours

Fruit flavours are the most popular eliquids worldwide and for a good reason. They bring together various tropical infusions to create mouthwatering scents and tastes. Think of your favourite banana milkshake, and imagine just how soothing it’d be to inhale something like that regularly.

Tobacco flavours

For tobacco smokers who’ve switched to e-cigs, imbuing their senses with the taste of tobacco, helps them kick the habit of smoking cigarettes faster. It makes them feel like they’re not making any huge sacrifices and allows them to enjoy vaping to its fullest. At no1ejuice, we provide a variety of tobacco flavours – from cigar smoke to menthol.

Dessert flavours

For those who have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than sipping on your vape to get a nice tasty kick through your olfactory senses. From carrot cake flavours to ice cream sundae, those with a sweet tooth will have a field day with our flavours.

Sweet flavours

If you’re looking for sweet flavours, then look no further than our collection at no1Ejuice. We provide delightful flavours such as apple cinnamon, coca cola, and much more.

Eliquid flavours

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