It is well known that quitting cigarettes cold turkey can instigate a range of different side effects. These include anxiety, spots, loss of appetite and nausea. It can be difficult, even for the most strong willed of us to give up, which is why e-cigarettes offer a great alternative to quitting smoking cold turkey. However, there are some effect’s you have to look out for which can affect you when transitioning to e-cigarette’s. A study taken by various different groups of scientists used over 19,000 random users who took a survey. There were no dramatic side effects found within e-cig users but it was noted that there were a handful of mild and short lasting effects that they experienced when using the e-cig or when just starting. Before buying from your UK e-cig stores, make sure you check out our list of side effects and what to look out for when vaping.

Propylene Glycol

A synthetic, organic compound, Propylene Glycol is the main ingredient used in many e-liquids. There is a broad range of solvents that Propylene Glycol is miscible with, including water, acetone, and chloroform. This means that the viscous, clear liquid can be applied to a number of different products and materials. It is found as a substitute for ethylene glycol in antifreeze for cars and is also used in the production of many pharmaceuticals such as Diazepam. In e-cigarettes, Propylene glycol is one of the components, along with vegetable glycerine, which makes up the liquid found in the cartridges. When keeping in mind the fact that Propylene Glycol is used in such potentially hazardous tools as anti-freeze and pharmaceuticals, it is no wonder that there are precautions humans must take when handling the substance, even in the complete safety of an e-cig cartridge.

Propylene Glycol can cause mild to minimal irritation if it comes into contact with human skin and therefore must be handled with care. Even though the same goes for contact with the eyes, Propylene Glycol must be regulated and not ingested in its standard from.

Side effects of using e-cigarettes

When using e-cigarettes, some users may experience a dry mouth. This is because the Propylene Glycol within the e-liquid, when turned into its vapour form when inhaling the e-cigarette causes water molecules to be attracted to and held by it. To rectify this, it can be a good idea to drink more water after e-cigarette use.

Dry skin can sometimes be a side effect of vaping. Again, this can be caused by Propylene Glycol’s ability to attract and hold water. When vaping, the vapour can get in your face and therefore the moisture taken out of it. To battle against dry skin, hypo-allergenic skin moisturiser can be applied to the affected area and will soon soothe the skin, adding moisturiser back in.

A dry nose and sore throat have also been reported to be a minor side effect, possibly because of the moisture sucking and skin drying affects which are mentioned above. This usually rectifies itself however.

Anxiety can occur when using an e-cigarettes. This is usually due to too much or too little nicotine intake and can be regulated by adjusting the nicotine level within your e-cartridge.

Some people may find that inhaling e-cigarette’s can burn the mouth or the tip of the tongue. This is usually because of the end of the e-cig heating up due to the electronics within which cause the liquid to turn to vapour. The solution to this can often be to simply take shorter drags!

Vapers tongue is a common term used for when vaping with a specific flavour. It seems that some users have found that the more they use one flavour of e-cig flavouring, the less they are able to taste it. The tongue may become used to that flavour, it may be because you have recently switched form smoking. Whilst studies are still being taken into this phenomenon, it might be a good chance to change to a new flavour!

Some people may find that they are allergic to the ingredients within e-cigarettes. In a minority of cases, people have been known to be allergic to the Propylene Glycol or vegetable glycerine, nicotine or flavourings found within the e-liquid. If this is the case then you can adjust the levels of each ingredient within your mix and if the symptoms persist which you can link to your allergy then consult a doctor.

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