Have you ever wanted to be an e-cigreviewer? Are you the world’s biggest e-flavour connoisseur? Then we have the opportunity for you. Halo, from E-Cigarette Direct are creating their own E-Liquid laboratory and need you to test them. This is your chance to have a puff on some of the best and most innovative of new e-liquids. It’ll be fun, informative, and you might learn a thing or two about reviewing your favourite hobby. Below you can find out how to get involved and what E-Cigarette Direct want to know from you. After all, as a member of the general public, YOU are their prime market and everything you have to help them make their products better, the greater vaping experience you’ll have.

What you can do for us

It’s simple really. Once you have received your free vaping device and e-liquid, they’ll want you to complete an online form. After that Halo from E-cigarette Direct will want you to test the e-liquid sent to you. The favour will be one of the testers from their in-house laboratory. The only way to better E-cigarette Directs quality is through your feedback, and to do this you simply need to try it out! Then you’ll be asked for a few comments on the flavour, to rate it and how the general experience was.

The best thing is that if your flavour is approved, your review will be featured on E-Cigarette Directs website. The vape flavours which receive a rating of good or excellent from at least 70%* of the panel will also receive a badge so that customers will know which e-liquids have been approved. This is a great platform for your reviewing talent to be seen by all of our customers, making a great piece for your e-flavour reviewing portfolio.

What we’re looking for

E-cigarette Direct are looking for reviewers who are passionate about vaping. There’s no point reviewing if you hate smoking e-cigarettes, they want people who are used to and want to try their test products. It is important that you understand the product, how to use e-cigarettes and have a history of smoking them. This is because we want people who not only know their stuff, but have the confidence and the critiquing skills to give E-cigarette Direct helpful pointer in to how to improve their products. A good palette will be useful as well, so as to really get in touch with the intricacies of each flavour. A back catalogue of vape testing and reviewing would also be useful. On applying it may be helpful to give E-cigarette Directs Halo project a few examples of your work or sites where they can find it so as to give them an idea of your style of writing.

What we can do for you

Of course, E-cigarette Direct will give you something in return, in appreciation for the help you’ve given them. As a thank you, you will receive a free e-liquid and BDC clearomisers with variable voltage batteries. You’ll also receive top quality feedback which will be featured on our website and exclusive and massive discount codes so that you can return to their e-liquid supplier for even better value. There will also be discount codes for your readers and viewers. You will also receive an official Halo e-liquid taster badge for your website, if you wanted to use it, and an opportunity to become personally involved with the commercial development of innovative e-liquids. Whether you want to become a reviewer full time or not, this will still look great for any CV! Your profile will be on our e-liquid tasters page. Fear not, as you will not have to use ay of your own equipment. E-cigarette Direct will be providing BDC clearomisers and batteries as these are what the majority of their customers use. Also keep in mind that their e-liquids works best with their own devices. There’s no requirement to use them, and you are free to use your favourite vaping device with the e-liquid. 

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