Flawless, established in 2013, is an online vape shop with a grungy aesthetic and punk’s-eye-view on the world. Their eclectic range of e-liquids are all beautifully designed with top marks in the cool department, often sporting distressed Anarchy emblems or twisted clowns or unconventional pin-up queens.

Flawless doesn’t only distribute e-liquids and other vaping-centric accessories, but they also have their own clothing own.

RiPTrippers is not only one of the most influential personalities in the vaping world (you’re looking at over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube here) but his e-juice brand Vapetrix is also pretty great. Even if you have never experienced any Vapetrix products, the names of these e-juices will certainly get you curious. With names like ‘Nana’s Cream’, ‘Foxy Fuel’ and ‘Elvis Stash’, each flavour is associated with a concept and a story. Who wouldn’t want to try these out?


These two brands have joined forces to create a new product, under the collaborative name The Merge.

The first e-liquid to be released from The Merge of Flawless and RiPTrippers is Transmission.

You can see the identities of both brands working together in Transmission. With an apocalyptic stencil of the Earth surrounded by an American flag on the bottle, the aesthetics of partners are strongly at work. You have the grunge inspired look of Flawless alongside the quirky, conceptual story-telling of RiPTrippers’ previous e-liquids releases.

This is certainly a winning partnership and it will be exciting to see what other e-liquids they release in years to come

We can all agree that Transmission’s look and concept is great, but what about its taste?

Not just a pretty face

Transmission is an expert blend of strawberry, watermelon and lemonade. It’s a classic combo that’s incredibly refreshing and tangy beyond belief.

Not only does this vape have a great image but it also nails a classic fruit blend that’s sure to hit the spot next time you need a sweetness fix.

For only 19.99 (GBP) for a 60ml bottle, this e-liquid is tasty, affordable e-liquid well worth looking into. The first, of hopefully many, The Merge creations.

Check out Transmission for yourself on: www.no1ejuice.com

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