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According to the article published in the Quincy Patriot-Ledger, the writer reported that antismoking groups and advocates continues to inform the public that smoking is no more dangerous than vaping. Honestly, this is a pure lie. bringing you up to speed with the currrent evidence, electronic cigarettes are not yet associated with any health hazards, and claiming it hazardous means smoking is possibly a quite compassionate behaviour.

The antismoking group and CDC told the reporter that the public health officials are seeing gains in the reduction of smoking rates among youths is abruptly reversed in the recent years by the increasing popularity of  electronic cigarettes. This is an unfortunate statement! Actually, the reduction in smoking rates among teens is not reversed by the increase in the use of electronic cigarettes. The only way such a statement can make sense is when vaping is as hazardous as tobacco cigarette smoking. Otherwise, the reduction in smoking is not going be neutralised or reversed by an increase in electronic cigarette use.

Claiming that electronic cigarette use is reversing the progress made in reducing tobacco cigarettes use is a big joke. In fact, the world has reached a historic low in the number of teens smoking, and claiming that e-cigarette is just as bad as smoking is not only iresponsible, but also deceptive. Why would the CDC and the anti-smoking advocates want to equate the hazards of cigarettes smoking with incredibly low health risk vaping that have never caused any serious illness or death?

Fortunately, a substantial percentage of the public believes that vaping is not as hazardous as smoking. It is high time different state governments, public health officials and anti-smoking advocates re-examine the campaign of deception against e-cigarettes. This is because currently there are signs of decrease in electronic cigarettes sales in most parts of the world. The decrease could be good news for tobacco cigarette companies and bad news for the general public health.

By equating traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, the anti-smoking groups and CDC are careless, but effectively, undermining many years of progress in enlightening the public about the dangers of smoking. It is quite sarcastic and so demeaning that in the 21st Century antismoking and public health advocates are still championing for the ban on electronic cigarettes.

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