The California section of the American Medical Association has come up with a resolution to the June annual meeting to be held in Chicago form 6 to 10 by recommending a complete ban on electronic cigarettes and an increased taxation for the product. Sadly, the resolution does not call the same action on alcohol and tobacco cigarettes advertising.

The aim of this policy is to protect tobacco cigarettes sales from increasing completion from electronic cigarettes. You need not be an expert in marketing to understand that the more electronic cigarettes are sold, the more traditional cigarette sales declines. E-cigarettes are serving as the best substitute for real cigarettes, and alleged increase in taxation and ban on advertising would automatically reduce electronic cigarette consumption at the expense of the real cigarette use.

It is completely a misinformed a gender, for a small group of the American Medical Association in California to promote real cigarettes to help save the profits of cigarette companies. To make matters worse, they giving false statement to the public health official to support their ideologies. First, they claim that the use of electronic cigarettes amongst youths in California may serve as gate pass to nicotine addiction in the future. Currently, there is categorically no clear evidence to support the claim. In fact, the scientific evidence available suggests the opposite.

Secondly, they claim that the use of electronic cigarettes is associated with little chance of quitting smoking. This is actually a bold lie. The evidence we have today shows that electronic cigarettes are the most effective nicotine patch in promoting smoking cessation.

Another claim and probably the worst of all is that the electronic cigarettes vapour has shown the presence of carcinogenic and toxic substances similar to those found in traditional cigarettes. This is absolutely unreasonable statement. The truth is that the e-cigarettes vapour contains very minimal carcinogenic and toxic substances as compared to combustible tobacco smoke.

Honestly, the California American Medical Association has the legal right to promote any public policy, even if the policy is interfering with the protection of the public health. However, they are not allowed to lie to public health officials worldwide to gain support for their misplaced policies.


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