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The recent study published in the journal Addiction disproves the earlier reports by the New England journal of medicine article, claiming that electronic cigarettes are more hazardous than traditional cigarettes because of the high levels of formaldehyde. The study, published in the article concluded that the electronic cigarette use could be more than 15 times hazardous than tobacco cigarettes in terms of cancer risk.

Claiming that electronic cigarette use is reversing the progress made in reducing tobacco cigarettes use is a big joke. In fact, the world has reached a historic low in the number of teens smoking, and claiming that e-cigarette is just as bad as smoking is not only irresponsible, but also deceptive

They also reported that electronic cigarettes only produce high level of aldehyde in dry-puff conditions when the liquid is overheated, producing a strong bad taste that any electronic cigarette user can detect and avoid. Though, under normal Vaping conditions the formaldehyde emission is minimal even in high power devices.

Now let's face the fact, this story only adds to the damage and exaggeration that anti-smoking groups and researchers are using to combat the electronic cigarette use. The antismoking group and CDC told the reporter that the public health officials are seeing gains in the reduction of smoking rates among youths is abruptly reversed in the recent years by the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes. In this study, the researchers argued that Vaping could be 15 times more risky than smoking in terms of cancer risk in the long-term. However, their conclusion was irrelevant because the level formaldehyde produced by electronic cigarettes under normal conditions is minimal and surely do not pose the risk that compares to that of tobacco cigarette use.

Currently, the problem facing the electronic cigarette industry is that this misleading statement has already been disseminated through the media and opponents of electronic cigarettes who spreading the lie. It is actually too late to withdraw the claims because the public is already scared. Worse still, the antismoking groups who made statement are not ready to take back these claims and admit their mistakes. They are only interested in demonising electronic cigarettes, instead of finding and telling the truth to the public. Is there some sort of rule put forward by the government to ensure that electronic cigarette opponents are not allowed to mislead the public in promoting their preferred policies and articulating their arguments? Interestingly, the public has the answer.

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