So you’re in London, a new city full of possibilities. One of those shouldn’t be getting on the wrong side of non-vapers.

Not every commuter will have the same tolerance for the habit as you. This is not surprising, as such a new phenomenon vaping has trailed ahead of laws and rules before anyone can get their heads round it. This means that that vaping is still a grey area in terms of where you can vape and where you can’t lead to a whole range of social faux pas in the city. London is a fairly tolerant city, one of diversity and welcoming people, so vaping shouldn’t be frowned upon too much should it? As long as you keep these etiquette rules in mind, you’ll be able to vape as you please.

Don’t vape on the underground

The underground is claustrophobic enough without added vape mist clouding your vision. There are plenty of open areas where you can vape so refrain on the tube. Not only is it impolite but it could worry and shock people who are not used to people vaping around them. Imagine seeing a billow of smoke travel through your train carriage; it wouldn’t be surprising if passers-by were to call the fire brigade! The tube is a bad place to start a mass panic, so refrain from vaping on tube or suffer the cold glares of fellow commuters on your hour long Central line, journey, very awkward indeed.

Consult your boss before you vape at work

Vaping at work is one of the foggiest grey areas out there. Many offices are now introducing a vape friendly policy. Even so, it is a good idea to ask your superior if it is okay to vape in the office and even more so to not be vaping to a moderate degree. A cloud of cherry flavoured smoke could be distracting for your fellow desk workers. Use your common sense and make sure your co-workers are happy for you to vape. A happy office is a healthy office, after all.

Don’t vape in crowded public spaces

This one is a given. If you’re queueing for something and its raining, the stress levels are already on the up, making sure that you are not annoying fellow citizens in the city is a must. On top of this, it’s often a good idea not to vape near bus stops or other areas which can become crowded. You should also think twice about vaping at public events such as music concerts and theatre halls, these can be very distracting, especially if in a crowd of people. In places like these, treat vaping like you would smoking and think about the people around you. Self-awareness is vital here.

Don’t vape in restaurants

You ordered the roast dinner, not the raspberry ripple vape juice. If in a restaurant, the policies on hygiene may reach into not vaping around the dinner table and again, this is a crowded palce where people may frown upon your use of the device.

Don’t vape in the face of non-vapers

Although vaping is a largely accepted habit, it’s still polite not to vape right in a non vapers face. Even if you believe that your vape liquidtastes and smells like the perfect unity of aromas, it is still uncouth to vape in someone’s face. How do you know that they like the smell, and how do you know they don’t happen to have an allergy to one of the ingredients? Much like vaping in public spaces, individuals amy see it as an affront and be offended by an arrogant vape cloud in the face.

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