One of the cheapest and most popular of the vape devices, vape pens are the beginners go to for vaping.

For a beginner, there can be a lot to take in when it comes to the many variations of vape devices out there. That’s why finding out which type of device is right for you is so important. Some may go to their nearest shop and pick out the first device they see, leading to owning an unwieldly vape device which is out of your comfort zone. Knowing where to start is the key here, giving yourself something simple and straight forward to use so that you can build up your knowledge and tastes. That’s why vape pens are so popular, their simple to use and pocket size making them one of the most popular types of devices out there.

The first vape pen

When the first generation of vape pens appeared a demand began to increase as they gained popularity. This meant that those who were already accustomed to the first e-cigarettes, or cigalikes, were growing weary of the limited capabilities of these first devices. This led to the creation of a second generation, a more sturdy, adaptable and potent range of devices. These were the evolution of those first vape devices and became known as the vape pen, or mid-sized models. These were heavier and larger than the minis but had longer battery lives and a more satisfying hit than their predecessors. Ever since then, the vape pen has adapted to be made from a wide range of materials including metal, Perspex and even glass.

How to use a vape pen

Vape pens are simple to use. With the inclusion of an atomiser, clearomiser, coil head and battery inside, the system is basic compared to the more complex vape mods out there. Some do come with adjustable wattage settings and fewer still come with temperature control settings, but many of the current incarnations of vape pens have a display so that you can keep on top of the power at which you are vaping. Simply pressing down on the activation button whilst vaping will allow the system to begin working. With over 3000 flavours to choose from now, vape pens are a great way to pick up and go with vapes.

The benefits of vape pens

Vape pens such as Smok Vapes hold many benefits, mostly for those new to the hobby. It is also perfect for those who want hassle free vaping, whether an expert or not. Some may find cigalikes to be too weak for the seasoned vaper, whilst vape device mods may be too complicated for those who don’t want to deal with the do it yourself scene.

Pocket sized fun

First things first, vape pens are incredibly dinky. This allows them to be easily transported in pockets, their tin size adding little bulk or weight to your body. One thing to be weary of however, is snapping it. As a small and thin device, the vape pen can be easily sat on or cracked due to its small size and forgetting that it’s on your personage.

Easy to use

The simplicity of the vape pen is one of the main draws to the device. There’s little hassle and for a quick hit there’s nothing quite like the discreet vape pen. With so little to worry about in terms of adjustments, you’ll find the vape pen to sufficiently satisfy.


As mentioned, the vape pen is suitable for both the novice and the vape expert, the satisfying throat hit and simplicity making it an accessible device and a good meeting point between the pros and the beginners.

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