One of the main questions in the vape debate is whether your health will truly benefit from the switch.

Ever since vaping has been in the public sphere, there has been debate over whether it’s worth quitting smoking for. Many sceptics believe that there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that E Cig Juice will harm you less than tobacco smoke. Over the last few years there has been much deliberation and loud voices on both sides of the argument, making the subject targeted by way too many voices. That’s why we’ve decided to clear some of the hard evidence which shows that vaping is a far better and far more successful substitute for nicotine than other smoking cessation tools.

Tobacco has far more carcinogens

Cigarette smoke has been proven to have over 300 different known carcinogens in the smoke. Part of the reason for this is in the fact that you are burning the tobacco with fire and therefore inhaling burnt fumes into your lungs when smoking. It is this burning which releases the carcinogens within tobacco smoke and has been linked to lung cancer, heart disease and many more debilitating health problems. The great thing aboutvaping is that there is no burning involved, merely the heating up and vaporising of liquid. It is essentially water vapour you are inhaling into your lungs. E Cig Liquid is made from 3 separate components, propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and water whilst the most dangerous chemical in it is formaldehyde which is only known to be in very small amounts compared to that in cigarette smoke. Medical boards across the world have deemed vaping to be at least 95 percent safer for human consumption than cigarette smoke.

Vaping is cheaper

Since the introduction of the Tobacco Product Regulation laws, cigarettes have sky rocketed in price. Many have found that a tobacco habit is unaffordable, which is exactly the deterrent the price regulators were hoping for, hoping to decrease the amount of people who smoke. What this means is that vaping has paved the way for a far more affordable nicotine based product. Ejuices when bought separately are often far cheaper than tobacco products, whilst many deals online can be found to lessen the price even further.

Vaping is better for the environment

Again one problem with tobacco is in the smoke which comes out of them. On a singular level, this amounts to very little; one cigarette won’t burn a hole in the ozone layer. But the problem comes when more and more people smoke, adding dangerous gases into the air. Cigarette butts cause street litter as well, leading to littered streets and more work for cleaners. You get none of this with vaping, the vapour released into the air is environmentally sound and there are far more recylcbale parts for when your vape device eventually kicks the bucket.

Vaping is social

One of the most important aspects of vaping is the social aspect. Like with shisha bars, vape shops are often adorned with tables and stalls where you can try out new products and converse with other enthusiasts. There are also vape competitions and DIY vape scenes spreading thick and fast through the country. Smoking tobacco has become stigmatised, only allowed in smoking areas in high streets and offices, whilst vaping is fast becoming a more welcomed habit.

Freedom of choice

The choice is in your hands as a vaper. Not only do you have a wide range of flavours to choose from, you have an entire decades worth of devices, rolling out one after the other to test and enjoy. These innovative designs and unique pieces of equipment make vaping personal to your tastes and personality. So what are you waiting for? Kick the smoking habit today and get vaping!

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