We’ve all heard the horror stories, but if you follow these few rules you’ll never have to worry about your vape battery.

Mid last year, London’s Euston station was shut down completely due to a bomb scare. Commuters were held up, roads around Central London were closed and panic ensued, all because of a loud bang in the station. The culprit? A burst e-cigarette. The battery had overloaded and made a loud noise in somebody’s pocket, causing mass panic. There have been many cases of e-cigarettes exploding, catching fire and wreaking havoc in both home and public. One of the main culprits for this is a lack of battery care or awareness. Much like any product or accessory which runs on electricity, it is up to the user to make sure that they are keeping their device in good condition. It’s in your best interest not only to avoid public embarrassment, but for the longevity of your device. Below you can find some advice on how to keep your vape battery in prime condition and avoid any battery related mishaps.

Make sure your batteries are in good condition

Making sure that your batteries are not faulty or worn down is vital for a functioning vape device. Being a lithium based battery means that any leaks or damage to the battery could result in harmful material seeping into the device. Lithium batteries are at risk of being mishandled, especially in a replaceable battery mod so make sure they are handled carefully and that you never ever carry them in your pocket. If it helps, buy protective battery cases which keep them both safe from external forces and gathered in one place.

Overcharge at your own peril

Battery overcharging is known as one of the main ways to short out your vape device. Whether it’s that your replaceable battery is too powerful for the device or that you’ve overcharged your vape, there is always possibility that you could blow your power and ruin the electrical wiring. Overcharging has also led to house fires originating from the plug socket and can happen if you use a phone charger or related device charger to try and charge up your vape device.

Only buy trusted brands

If you’re using replaceable batteries it might be tempting to go for the cheap own brand option in a super market. Whilst some may seem better value, the real value is the tried and tested speciality batteries. These you can trust and are often available in your local vape shop, where you can also ask for their preferred brand.

Maximum battery currents

On vapes with temperature control settings, you won’t have a problem here. The device will make sure that the temperature settings that you have punched in are regulated by the electrical systems within your device. This will mean, that unlike variable wattage devices, you can’t go over the maximum current your battery can handle.

Regulated mods

Regulated mods are vape devices which contain a circuit board. These devices are known as being perfect for beginners who are unaccustomed to the intricacies of ohms law and not adept enough to build their own circuit boards. Keep it safe with a regulated mod and you’ll have no problems with battery breakages.

DON’T use a mechanical mod if you’re not an experienced coil builder

Mechanical mods consist of a metal tube, a firing pin and the atomizer connect to the battery. These have no circuitry and are simple and easily modifiable. The only problem with the freedom this gives vapers is that there’s a large amount of DIY involved. In short, if you’re not an experienced mod or coil builder, then it’s best to steer clear of the mechanical mod. Getting a coil wrong or building one which is too weak for the battery can cause many problems. On top of this end caps which are too tight and over pressing the fire button can lead to overheated batteries which are at risk of bursting.

DO understand Ohm’s law

Ohms law is the law which helps you measure the overall power of your vape device. It requires you to divide the voltage (V) by the current (A) to find the resistance (ohms). Using this sum means that you can find the perfect balance in your vape device in regards to its output of power. Finding that sweet spot and with no cost to your battery is no mean feat.

Short pin atomisers and hybrid connectors

Short pin atomisers are used in many vape devices and allow the electricity to flow through the device. These need to stay grounded to avoid the battery overheating, something which simply won’t happen if you are using a hybrid mod. On a hybrid mod, pin atomisers are at risk of overheating and sometimes even exploding. Make sure your mod device is compatible with the sort of atomiser and circuitry your using.

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