One major innovation in vape technology is the evolution of temperature control solutions. The question is, is this right for you?

Vaping has come a long way since its inception. With the magnificent steps forward in vape technology, vaping can be as tailored to your tastes as you want it to be. With a whole range of options, from dripping to the stellar array of e cig mods you will never be lacking in choice. One such flexible add on is in new vape devices having temperature control settings. The question is whether temperature control settings are a match for the standard variable wattage mode.

What is variable wattage?

Variable wattage refers to the standard vape device on the market. The earliest vape devices past the original cigalike generation had the user press a button to power up the vape device. The longer you hold down the button, the more power you give to your device. This means that you’re vape power settings are far more rigid. The variable wattage gave you freedom to pick the power setting you wanted to vape at, whether wattage or voltage, and then by pressing the button, you will be vaping to that setting. This simply gives you more vape juice per hit. The problem here is that you are limited to the heat and power settings, no flexibility in temperature controls or the smoothness of the hit.

What is temperature control?

Temperature control settings then allow another dimension to the vape experience. Instead of focussing on the power, you focus on the temperature. Now, most vapers have their preferred heat at which to inhale, some prefer the sharp throat hit of a hotter vape inhale while others prefer to keep it cool. With a temperature control device you change the power settings to suit the vape hit you want, not focussing necessarily on power. Choose the temperature you want to vape and simply put, the internal circuitry of the vape device will do the rest for you.

Benefits of temperature control

So what are the benefits of temperature control? It’s true that they will make your vape experience more flexible but is this suitable for all vape users? Are temperature control mods the best ecigs in the UK?

Internal adjustments

The vape device allows you to vape happy in the knowledge that the circuitry inside your vape device is adjusting the power settings to your comfort. No need to worry as much about ohm’s law and all the intricacies that come with it, find your sweet spot of a temperature and the vape device will do the rest. Temperature control vape devices are very smart indeed.

Vape to your tastes

This also means that you have more control over how you vape. You have the power to find the precise settings which float your boat and then allows you to keep vaping to it. This suits many vapers who have already moved on from the inflexible starter kits. In this sense, the temperature control mod is perfect for the vaper looking to up their game and try something new.

No burnt coils

It’s true that coils will eventually wear out, leading to a noticeable burnt taste when vaping. The good thing about temperature control settings is that you will never prematurely wear out your vape coil. The temperature control settings and the adjustments made by the device when you pick them, will ensure that your coil is never being fed with more heat than it can handle. This may through adjusting the air flow or the resistance or wattage but will always ensure the smooth running of your device. within reason of course; the temperature control settings won’t let you rise above what the output is capable of.

No power outages

The restraints mentioned above, are the very reason why temperature control devices are far safer than variable wattages. You’ll find a far more secure circuitry that won’t lead to power outages or in some serious cases, a fire. The temperature control settings will allow the coil to reach the desired temperature, but not at the expense of too high a voltage or wattage for the device to handle.

Negatives of temperature control

Whilst the benefits of temperature control are manifold, there are just a few limitations which may put some people off. These include the limitations of coils which you can use with temperature control devices. The only coils compatible with temperature control devices are nickel, titanium and stainless steel, making the coil building process a little more tricky. For those who are fans of more vintage vape devices, you’ll find that it’s only recent devices which will cater to temperature controls.

So, at the end of the day there are a wide range of positives to temperature control settings. The only people who may find it difficult to get on with are those new to vaping who are not used to the coil building process as well as those set in their ways with a trustydevice or specific coil they enjoy vaping with.

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