Due to the boom in the DIY Vape scene in recent years, more and more accessories have come onto the market. Whether you’re looking for customised drip tips or refill tanks, there is a whole world of vaping accessories out there to help you vape in style. This scene evolved from the fact that vaping holds so many possibilities due to the many parts within it. Unlike regular smoking, you can customise and explore different ways to smoke, each holding its own distinctive taste or flavour. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned pro, you can find something to suit you at one of the many UK E-cig stores across the country. Below are a few of the many varieties of accessories out there for e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

Drip tips

The Drip tip is a reusable tube which is screwed onto the atomizer which allows the user to refill their e-cigarette with vape juice. This piece of kit means that there is no need for refill cartridges, the user dripping the e-liquid straight from the bottle into the e-cigarette, saving time and adding flare to your device. There are many different materials that these handy accessories can be made out of, including stainless steel, aluminium and even ceramics. What’s more the length of the drip tip also effects the temperature of the vape. The material which it’s made from also influences this, steel tips known to cool the vape as it is breathed in more so than plastic.

Battery Chargers

Excluding disposable e-cigarettes, all vapes are rechargeable. The battery pack is there to help you recharge your vape and can come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether your device is a sub-ohm or standard, there will always be a different vape charger pack to suit your device. With all round kits and device specific ones on the market, you can be sure that new innovations and future designs will stop your vape from ever running dead.

Wire and cotton

E-Cigarette Mod variants are modified from existing models and are a huge part of the DIY vape scene, letting users customise their own devices. One of the ingredients to a successful Mod is wire which can be made from any conducting metal which allows the electric current to run from the atomiser to the battery. The length of this will increase or decrease the resistance and therefore power of your device.

The cotton is used for wicking and is placed inside your drip tip. There are many different materials used for wicking. One of the most popular is peroxide free plain cotton, whilst stainless steel mesh, hemp and Japanese cotton have also been sued. Whatever your preference when it comes to wicking material, there’s always another to try, making it one of the most diverse DIY Vaping accessories out there.

Coil Heads

Also known as an atomizer, the vape coil is what turns the e-liquid into vapour and is therefore one of the most important parts of the e-cigarettes components. You can buy multi packs of vape coils and will know when it’s time to replace the one you’re using. This is because the vape clouds you smoke will be significantly reduced in size. You will also find that the taste from your vape becomes muted or dull, making your vaping experience less pleasurable.


On top of the different parts of the vape, there are other vape related accessories you can buy from shops such as No 1 Ejuice. These include vape holders, battery pack holders and even clothes relating to your favourite brand. When it comes to vaping, the possibilities are endless in regards to style, making it not only an enjoyable and tasty pastime, but a lifestyle as well.

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