The vaping community grows every day, with so many new companies capitalising on the worldwide hobby sweeping high streets. One such company is Bo Vaping, a French company who have begun to turn heads across the continent as well as in the US. The company started in Paris France and due to its technological innovations within vaping devices and affiliated products such as its many varieties of E Cig Juice, they have spread across Europe and most of the America’s. So, what is it exactly about Bo Vaping which puts this young company up there with the masters of the industry? And what devices on their rostra are ones which no vaping enthusiast should miss?

Bo Ecigs

The trademark device from the Bo Vaping brand is the Bo Ecig. These stylish devices consist of a BO vaporiser alongside two French aroma liquid cartridges. These are AFNOR certified, meaning that they have maximum safety and even have a magnetic USB charger for ease of charging. The temperature control feature on the Bo Ecigs means that you as a consumer have full control over how you vape and protects you from those pesky dry hits. With its choices of dark grey and matt black, you know you’ll be vaping in style, whilst the ceramic coating is both sexy and will protect against more than the average flimsy vape ever could.

Bo Skins

One of the great things about Bo vapes is how customisable their devices are, even their charging devices. Charging devices are not the first part of kit you’d think about aesthetically when choosing your vape device, but on closer inspection, these pieces are almost a staple of your bedroom room, like a lampshade or a curtain set. So, on closer inspection, the vape charger skins available from Bo come with good looking yet interchangeable coating to cater to any and all tastes. Colour selections include black, olive-brown, blue and a beautiful dark red.

Bo Vaping Pod Mod

The Bo Vaping Mod is the one that everyone is talking about, considered by many within the vaping community to be the most recent generation of e-cigarettes, since its invention in 2016.

So what are they, and what are Bo Vapes doing which is so innovative?

Pod Mods are an innovation which comes from the complaint of many that the cartomizer is generally unable to withstand the amount of power for the optimum vaping experience. This why many people invest in vape pens and sub-ohm vaping, because cartomizers can’t keep up with the wattage needed to vape to a satisfying level.

The Bo vaping Pod Mod uses a recently developed and higher-powered cartomizer which acts like a mini clearomizer and therefore brings with it a whole range of innovations into the cigalike model. The pod mod then, has become very popular among vaping beginner’s due to the increased satisfaction that companies like Bo Vaping are bringing to the model.

The pod mod is lightweight and efficient in its design, and has dimensions of 100mm x 15mm x 8mm and even comes with its own disposable eliquid pod mod system. The flavours on offer for the mod pod include a tobacco flavour which comes in a variety of variations including classic, complex tobacco, the USA Mixx, the earthy Brown Tobacco and the Colombia Chapter II. On top of this Bo Vaping has its own fruit selection of vape flavours including a Gin flavour, a Red Light flavour which is made up of red fruits whilst Purple Light is made from watermelon flavours. Bo Caps Gourmand range brings users a whole range of dessert flavours, including café con leche, lemon cream and strawberry cream.

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