Not only is vaping on the rise, but the amount of e-liquids on sale as well. When browsing online at retailer such as No1 Ejuiceyou’ll be blown away by the range on offer. More and more companies are experimenting with new and innovative flavours, making vaping on the cusp of a revolution. With so many people turning from smoking to vaping, more and more beginners are unsure as to where to start when it comes to choosing which flavour and what mix to vape with. Below you can find some factors to keep in mind when choosing your perfect vape liquid.

What tank are you using?

The type of tank and device you’re using will affect the way that the vape device smokes. Whether you’re looking for a big hit or something mellow will always come back down to the tank. There are two general tanks you can buy.

The first is the Mouth to Lung tanks, which have a more restrictive juice and air flow which makes them better suited for thinner juices. These tanks are generally more enjoyable with e-juice which are higher in nicotine content, designed to replicate real life smoking to a greater degree than their Sub Ohm counterparts.

And that brings us neatly on to sub ohm tanks. These usually have larger juice flow channels, lead8ing to bigger clouds and a larger lung hit, hence being better suited to lower nicotine levels within their e-juices with a larger consumption of the liquid itself.

What PG/VG balance is best for you?

Knowing your perfect balance between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin within your vape liquidis key to your enjoyment. Although on paper it might seem like a complicated matter, when put into practice it certainly isn’t. Higher VG e-liquids create a denser hit, far more viscous and large cloud creating than PG heavy tanks. If you own a mouth to lung tank then it should be noted that high VG juices run a risk of creating dry hits and scorched wick cotton due to the thickness. The dense vape cloud may have a hard time flowing through the cotton of the wick and may be less enjoyable. Although this is a risk, the higher VG liquids can still run on MTL tanks.

What flavour is best for you?

The PG and VG balance of your tank comes down to science and practicality whilst this choice is far more subjective. The flavour of an ejuice comes down to the preference of the vaper. Many ex-smokers start vaping with a similar flavour to regular tobacco, many vapers opting for menthol or tobacco flavour vape juices. Vapers who are smoking with less of a focus on curbing their nicotine addiction may want to branch out to more experimental flavours. Many companies have their own specialities such as cake based vape flavours or more fruity ones whilst others branch out to both sweet, sour and savoury flavours. This is the great thing about vaping, whatever mood you’re in, there’s a vape for it.

What Nicotine content is best for you?

Like everything else about the nicotine content, the amount in your e liquid is customisable. With the new TPD laws having come into effect in May, the new limit to nicotine content is 20 milligrams per liquid. You can get 10 mg and nicotine-less vape liquids as well, making the whole process easy to customise to your nicotine tastes. There are also ways in which you can add your own nicotine to nicotine-less vape liquids so as to customise down to a T how much nicotine you’re taking in.

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