Whether you’re a regular vaper or dip in and out of the vast range of flavours, investing in vaping can be a tight on the bank. That’s why, unlike many other vape shop, no1 Ejuice brings you a wide range of permanent value packs. That is brilliant high quality and tasty products that have had a permanent price slash. This means that instead of temporary discount codes and sale periods, we have a web page dedicated to long running sales on certain items. What’s more, these also happen to be some of our best products meaning that not only do the products bring with them guaranteed customer satisfaction, but will save you money as well. Here you can find a list of just some of our favourite mixes.     




To The Max – Apple Juice

For a refreshing e-juice flavour at a great price, try the company To The Max’s Apple Juice flavour, available on our website. What’s more, it’s a steal at the current price for a whopping 120 ml bottle of 3 mg liquid. To The Max are a company of interest, having existed for a few years now. The company specialise in premium evape flavours which have been meticulously researched, reviewed and renovated so as to give the customer a satisfying vape hit. This means that the fact that they are on sale at No1 Ejuice may not last long, their crisp and refreshing apple juice flavour being a very popular – and cheap – choice indeed.

Element Pink Lemonade

At a low price, Elements Pink Lemonade Vape flavour is a must for any fruit loving vaper. The tangy lemon mixes a perfected blend of zingy lemon and the sweetness of crisp lemonade, leading to a genuinely refreshing vaping experience. The pink fruit and lemon flavour also adds to this blend and with this mix comes a range of initial tastes and an after taste which is bound to satisfy. This is one of the best things about Element products, due to their scientific nature they have calculated and researched exactly what flavours will satisfy their customers. The Element company also pride themselves in being American made, sourced from leasing pharmaceutical companies and also come pre-steeped, making them usable as soon as their delivered to your doorstep. All of this means that at such low prices, the Element Pink Lemonade flavour is a complete steal and is bound to sell fast.

Enter the Dragon – Gemini Vapors

Enter the Dragon Vapes are a blend of strawberry and sweet peach, leading to a very smooth vaping taste, with hints of a soft summer and enough of a cloud to blow away any wannabe dragons. The company Gemini Vapors is known for developing and researching only the best in Vape flavours and this great vape comes at a very low price.

Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder

One of our favourite value pack e-liquids is Muffin Man, by One Hit Wonder. This flavour combines the distinct and sweet flavours of Apples and Warm Cinnamon Muffin into a fresh and original flavour. The first hit brings the apple whilst the out breath of vapour brings the underpinning Sweet muffin, where the brand got its name from. One Hit Wonder is a revolutionary vape company who come from Los Angeles, making their products with hand crafted flavours and 100 percent American grown TruNic. This flavour is just one of the many from One Hit Wonder and is a real steal when it comes to our value packs.

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