Finding that perfect vaping device can be hard, and when you find the perfect one for you then it can come at a high price. Whether or not you can afford it is out of the question as the real question is about the value. Many throw away e cigs come cheap because they are just that, throw away, but do you really get more out of a premium device than your standard sale devices? The best UK ecig Store, No1 Ejuice is known for supplying customers with high quality and high value vaping kits, but even at the low prices on the website, can you be sure you’re making the right choice by paying more?

What Materials Do They Use?

It’s true that the premium devices that are sold make a solid effort when it comes to the materials, metals and plastics that they use to build their devices. This goes for the external and internal materials, including parts like the inner coil as well as the outer casing in their quest for total customer satisfaction. Many of the cheaper vaping devices come in a range of plastics and silicones which do not last, leading to you having to replace your device or have it fixed over a few months. This means that if you are a regular vaper, you could be spending a lot of money on cheap replacement vapes. Another problem comes in the fact that the taste of the higher quality vapes is far better. 

There is a real problem and complaint from customers in that the cheaper vape devices have internal parts which affect the taste of the e-liquid. Higher end vaporisers use aluminium outer casings and use materials as advanced as Zirconia ceramic in their interior workings. Zirconia Ceramics are known as a great material to have on the inside due to their sturdy flexibility and is even known to be used in making dentures. This means that if you are a long time vaper or use your device a lot, it may be worth investing in more durable materials so as to save money in the long run. If you only vape on occasions or not as often then the less expensive vapes may be better as they will only become damage after prolonged use which, for an unseasoned vaper, may take a while.

What is the Warranty?

If you’re going to be investing a lot into vaping, you should be getting the best deal you can. This is why checking what the warranty on your device as well as the guarantees in the small print will really help you maximise your enjoyment of vaping. It’s the same with anything, whether insurance, an expensive car or a computer; with a greater price tag comes greater security and therefore satisfaction. With this line of thinking, it should be an imperative that your device comes with a guarantee of the devices durability, otherwise you might as well be buying “magic beans” with no guarantee of it working.

What are the Extras?

Many of the high end vaporisers are known for having temperature control units. This means that you can control the flavour of your vaporiser whilst also giving you a variety of different options when enjoying vaping. Many of these high end vape devices can also come installed with an app which further lets you adapt your experience to your needs. Having an app connected to your device is of course not cheap and so if you’re looking for a refreshing angle from which to vape and can afford it, then go for the higher priced.


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