It couldn’t be easier to switch from the cigarette to the vape with the assortment of tasty treats available at your fingertips! Remember that stale tang left in your mouth, the furry tongue sensation, followed by a frantic search for a mint to freshen your breath? That can be a thing of the past. Refresh your palate with the new e-juice – Granny’s Pie.

Picking and choosing the next flavour to try out is almost like going to a sweet shop and scanning the shelves in wonderment. In this instance, it may be reminiscent of a traditional sweet shoppe (spelt in the classic way) as Granny’s Pie is a new vape recipe to take you back. When you take a puff of Granny’s Pie you will ignite your taste-buds with a mouthful of peach cobbler, complemented with a hint of vanilla ice cream.

Get your slice of Granny’s Pie for just £29.98. This delicious vape features 3mg of nicotine, with 20 PG and 80 VG. The pack includes: 1x 120ml bottle of Granny's Pie e-juice, 1 x 30ml Unicorn bottles, plus a Granny's Pie sticker! All of the vaping e-juice products come with details to inform you about how to use it properly and more about the flavours themselves. At No.1 Ejuice, we are proud to say that “we only stock the tastiest vape juice flavours, so whatever product you choose, you’re guaranteed a fantastic vaping experience!”

A recent study shows that the number of vape users in the European Union has doubled, which correlates to the huge selection of e-liquids and flavoured vape juices that are now on offer. If you’re still on the fence or intrigued by testing to see if getting a vape is the right move for you – why not sample the multitude of flavours across the e-liquid spectrum? It couldn’t be a better time to make the transition as the demand for a new and improved range of flavours is vastly growing. You’ll be happy to know that the selection of e-liquid flavours are created by respectable UK and international manufacturers, designed to deliver a superior vaping experience. The mouth-watering cereals, fruits, and desserts are sure to entice you – from Doughnuts to discovering what Milky O’s are.

Granny’s Pie joins the top-selling flavours on the market. You can browse the through the cereal aisle for the basics from Cereal Milk, to more adventurous blends including ANML's Looper (for the Fruit Loops craving), One Hit Wonder's Policeman (for that light and sweet doughnut and marshmallow mix), or Lost Art Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch. How about a touch of yoghurt? One Hit Wonder's Rocket Man resembles a moreish blueberry parfait, or Kilo's Kiberry Yoghurt which mingles together strawberry and kiwi in a delightfully creamy swirl. Don’t forget there is more dessert to be had so make room for the rest of your favourites, such as the toffee apples, strawberry cupcake, pink lemonade and key lime cookies, CinnaBuns, and Smores!

According to Vape Society Supply, the cereal and dessert flavoured e-juice liquids are trending right now and the top choice they recommend to be served up is Pancake Man – like sticking a fork into a stack of fluffy, maple syrup pancakes. “Pancake Man delivers a full-bodied flavour of pancakes on the inhale and maple syrup with on a hint of strawberry on the exhale.” Granny's Pie is the new concoction to come from the creators of Pancake Man so we can tell that your appetite will be quenched.

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