For vapers, there are few things better than discovering a great, new, tasty e-juice; while for millions of people around the world, there are few things better than tucking into the delicious sugary delight that’s a doughnut. Well, thanks to No.1 EJuice you can enjoy both these fantastic experiences at once with our ‘Glazed Donuts’ flavour!

And, judging by the reviews to be found on our website, it’s already caused quite a sugar rush-like stir among many a vaper. Reviewer JimmyPie claimed after trying our ‘freshly-baked’ treat that it’s ‘the bombdiggity!’. He claims it not only ‘tastes like doughnuts’, but that ‘you can smash it all day with no problems whatsoever!’. He’s so impressed with its ‘excellent value’ that he’ll be ‘100%’ buying more of the flavour in the future.

Meanwhile, Squadala writes that it’s ‘a really sweet juice’, which ‘tastes just like Krispy Kreme plain-glazed donuts’, ensuring it’s a ‘very smooth vape’ with ‘nice dense clouds [and] great consistent flavour on every hit’. This reviewer adds that it’s ‘a great all day vape, really good value for money’ and a ‘fantastic [offering] from No.1 Ejuice’.

And that’s something that Frances Danks agrees with. For her, this e-juice is a ‘really smooth doughnut vape which [she] really enjoyed and can vape all day’, especially as the ‘120ml bottle just goes on and on’. kevin n. also ‘loves the fact it comes in 120ml bottles’; he says he’ll ‘definitely buy more’ as it’s ‘probably the best donut juice’ he’s ever had.

Glazed Donut vaping

Glazed Donut vaping flavour is an e-juice that, produced in the United States, contains a nicotine content of 3mg and aims to give your taste buds the sensation of being smothered with warm, gooey glaze, as if you’re eating a fully-loaded glazed donut. Something our reviewers – and highly satisfied customers – seem to agree this e-juice totally delivers!

Daniel notes that, given its extremely affordable price (just £29.98 per bottle), it’s ‘an amazing juice’, adding its ‘very sweet bakery flavour … works well as an ADV’. Meanwhile, Peter M. got into some detail in his review, explaining that he ‘found it worked well in a sub tank’ and having ‘left the top off since I got it, [the] depth of flavour [is] improving daily.’

And it doesn’t end there… Mohammad A. gives it the thumbs up, saying it’s ‘highly recommended’, Scott L claims it’s his ‘fave juice now!’ and for gilmour it’s simply ‘addictive’ – that reviewer’s on their fourth bottle of the stuff and ‘still can’t get enough’!

So the message appears to be clear… if you love vaping and love the taste of a rich, gooey, fully glazed doughnut, then this flavour from No.1 EJuice is one you absolutely have to give a go – who knows, sounds like it could become your number one e-juice too!

Glazed donut vaping flavour

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