You may have the best device and you may have your favourite e-juice at the ready, but sometimes this isn’t enough to get the full experience. As with any form of technology, you have to be able to maintain your vaping device or it will begin to become less potent and less effective. It’s tricky to know when it’s not working and how to maintain, especially if you’re new to the whole concept, which is why we’ve made it easier and compiled a list of things to look out for and how best to keep your vaping device running smoothly.

Common problems people face

Many people complain about their e-cigs being too weak. This can often be because the device they’re using is a weak powered device or that they’re not using a great enough nicotine concentration in their e-juice. Another common problem is that, if you’re new to vaping, you could simply not be using the device correctly or your device could be suffering from a weak battery, in which case then simply charge your device and learn how it works.

If you’re still worried that your device is not working properly, after finding out whether the above problems are the cause, then perhaps some of the e-cigarette maintenance tips featured below could help you to iron out those vaping problems.

Keep your battery clean

There’s nothing worse than a dirty terminal. If the battery isn’t connecting with the clearomiser or the performance isn’t up to scratch, then a dirty battery is often the prime suspect. Always clean your battery terminal with a cotton bud or dry wipe to keep it operating at peak performance. This same tactic can be used when cleaning your clearomiser. Many have found that what they thought was a broken e-cig, was in fact a dirty battery pack.

Store your e-cig correctly

The air holes on the clearomiser are there to make sure the coil within the e-cig can keep the E-Liquid at a prime temperature. Leaving your e-cig upside down or on its side for too long may mean that the liquid will eventually leak, as it is a key instigator of the wicks keeping saturated with e-liquid. To prevent this, store your e-cig upright and away from water. Also make sure you store it away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Keep your atomiser and clearomiser clean

As vital components to your e-cig, the atomiser and the clearomiser are some of the most important pieces of your device to keep in good condition. Keeping it in good nick can also mean that the device’s life is prolonged as well as maximising its vaping potential.

The best way to clean your clearomiser is to remove its battery and, if possible to take the mouth piece and atomiser apart. After that, wash it with hot water and leave it for twenty four hours. Clearomisers can be cleaned with specialised ultrasonic drying equipment.

Keep the mouth piece clean

There’s nothing worse than inhaling dust whilst relaxing with your e-cig. That is NOT the e-juice flavour you bought. To make sure your mouth piece is clear from detritus, remove the mouth piece and blow through it. Alternatively, you could use a twisted piece of tissue to clean out any gunk from inside the mouth piece, which is also washable in water.

Don’t let your e-liquid run out

This is a simple one really. There will usually be a way to measure on your device as to what level your e-liquid is at. You wouldn’t let your car run out of fuel half way through a drive so you wouldn’t let your e-cig do the same would you? If it’s looking low, replace the cartridge.

Keep it in a case

Nothing is unbreakable. Even the sturdiest of e-cigs can be smashed into pieces in the right (or in this case, wrong) circumstances. Always make sure you keep your device in a sturdy case or a lanyard round your neck, so that it is not lost or misplaced. These cases can also make sure that the more delicate spare parts you have don’t get broken or lost. It is worth noting that keeping your e-cig in a trouser pocket has the potential to snap, leaving a terrible stain on those new jeans of yours. 


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