Swapping tobacco products for e-cigarettes is a brilliant way of reducing the health risks associated with smoking and can help curb even the heaviest smoker’s addiction. One thing is for sure, vaping is far less damaging for the lungs than the inhaling of burnt tobacco and you’ll never find any of the damaging chemicals associated with tobacco, within e-cigarettes. For those who want to swap over the tobacco for the vape there are several things to keep in mind when making that difficult switch.

Appearances aren’t everything

Many people jumping from cigarettes to e-cigarettes would like to opt for the devices that resemble their tobacco counterparts. This is common; many people find that part of the habit is in having the cigarette in their hand and often enjoy the feel, therefore switching to something resembling one. However, these mostly first generation devices aren’t always the most efficient in giving the nicotine hit people may need. The truth is, with new devices coming in which have their own shape and size, differing from standard cigarettes, will often be more efficient in producing that nicotine hit. This will also give you the opportunity to branch out into wider territory in terms of design and may help you to finally kick cigarettes in regards to their feel and taste.

Explore the different flavours

Many ex-smokers find that they will first opt for vape-juice flavours which remindthem of their smoking days. This can become quite restricting, especially in the wonderfully broad world of e-cigarettes, where you can find more flavours than there are in a sweet shop. The unique mixes and different brands signature flavours means that you can pick and choose, making every week a new experience, depending on your new choice. This will also help you forget about tobacco in general, most of it tastes the same whereas e-cigs have a great variety. Who’s ever had a cream doughnut flavour cigarette before?!

Find a network of likeminded people

Treat it like a journey. Find a group of people who are going through the same thing as you. There is always going to be people trying to give up smoking and with each other’s help and support you can make this a fun and exciting trip into the world of vaping. There’s nothing worse than having that craving for a tobacco cigarette and having no one there to stop you. Addiction can be a lonely place and the more people you surround yourself with the better. Try taking group trips to your local vape shop and help each other select their new e-liquids. You could also participate in online forums and conduct group meetings where you can compare and contrast vape flavours, swapping tips and sharing advice on giving up smoking tobacco. There are even vape smoking contests now, where people gather ot watch the best in cloud blowing tricks and it can really be quite a spectacle, many gathering to share as a collective in this hobby.

Get your nicotine dosage right

There are several different strengths of nicotine dosage. Everbody is different and too much nicotine can have you feeling sick. This is why to fully enjoy yourself you should try and also discover what your personal vape dosage is. This can take some trial and error but is very important for your enjoyment. You may find that your perfect mix is just that, a mix. You can try mixing a lower and a higher dosage so as to find the strength that really suits you.

Keep up to date

We all know the news can change its opinion in a matter of minutes. The media can be pro vaping one moment and against it the next. The best way to keep informed is to find the neutral yet informative news and blog pages that keep you up to date with all things vape. There are many doctors and scientists who are still conducting research as we speak, and as research develop, so do the products.

Use what works for you

This is the most important. At the end of the day, only you will know what works for you as you embark on your journey towards freedom from cigarettes. Find your favourite mixtures, keep an eye on the nicotine strength you need, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.


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