There’s been tonnes of research in the past two decades to indicate that vaping is a far safer alternative than smoking. First off, there’s the dangerous carcinogens, at least 40 of them alongside over 400 other toxins, which you’ll find in tobacco, which are nowhere to be found in e cigarettes. On top of this, you can find a wide range of benefits, from the monetary to the environmental, when switching to vaping. With the health kick already in full swing, it can still be daunting making the switch. Years of habit and comfort are being ripped away like a duvet on a cold night, and you must adjust to a whole new set of rules. Acclimatising can be difficult, but like with anything, taking it one step at a time will help smooth out your transition. Below are some of the best ways to ready yourself for and prepare to start vaping.

Once you start, you’ve already quit

First things first, it’s always encouraging to know that once you switch from smoking to vaping, you’ve already quit. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one as you’re already far less likely to return to smoking. Vaping is an incredibly effective method of smoking cessation as there are still attributes shared between the two, many of which are the reason you couldn’t stop smoking in the first place. Once you make the switch, half the battle is already won as it’ll be far easier to keep vaping than to go back to smoking.

Find your style

Before you buy a vape device, first find out what style suits you best. With most starter e cigarettes consisting of disposable or rechargeable cigalikes, you might find them to be too limited in their flavours and their functionality. Vaping beginners might find the vape pen and rebuildable mods a little too complex for their initially simple needs. A good medium is often the adaptable vape pen, which still has the feel of a cigarette or cigar, being cylindrical in shape, but gives you the freedom of choosing from a wide range of vape juices without the faff of an entirely rebuildable deck.

Find your flavour

Now that you’ve chosen your vape device, it’s time to pick the flavour. With so many e liquid suppliers out there, this is entirely a personal choice. Find out whether you favour high PG or high VG vape juices and whether you want something more akin to a tobacco taste or want to push the boat out to something sweeter. Whatever you choose, it’ll come down to your own trying and testing. There’s a whole world out there, so get going to find your personal flavour.

Find your strength

Vape juices come in different strengths. These strengths will correlate to the needs of the vaper and their previous smoking habits. The more you smoked, the higher the nicotine concentration in your vape juice. Vape juice concentrations range from 3 mg to 20 mg in prefilled vape bottles. Heavy smokers will of course go for higher nicotine concentrations whilst lighter smokers will stick to 3 or 6 mg. There is of course nicotine free vape juices, as well as short fill bottles which give you the chance to add your won nicotine shots if the pre-fills don’t satisfy your needs.

Get to know the instruction manual

Once you’ve settled on a vape device and flavour, it’s time to get vaping. To make sure your keeping safe, always read the instruction manual and ensure that you are feeding the device the right power, either through your batteries or recharging kit. Overcharged vape devices have been known to explode, whilst faulty components within your vape device which are not tended to can make the vaping experience very unpleasant indeed. Making sure you have a handle on how to handle your vape device therefore correlates greatly with your pleasure whilst using.

Watch out for teething problems

There’ll be a few uncomfortable weening problems you may have to look out for when you turn from smoking to vaping. The lack of toxins will mean that your body may begin to expunge some of the pollutants that smoking has brought to it.

For instance, a few days after you begin vaping, you might notice your skin has started to flare up. This won’t last more than a week or so, but your body will begin to push out the toxins in tobacco smoke, which will have found their way into your skin. You might also find that you begin to cough a bit more. This is because of the tar in your lungs which will be expunged as you begin your journey towards smoke free nicotine hits.

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