Vaping and the satisfaction you get from it has always been less about how expensive your device is, or the PG and VG level, and more about the kind of components you have installed in your device. Whether you’re new to vaping or have been at it for years, the quality of your coil, atomiser, batteries and tank has always been an important aspect of vaping. Whilst the best e liquid UK is always going to be about the taste, it’ll be made that little bit more special by the components you use on your mod.

Below you will find a selection of our favourite vape tanks and coils sold right here at our Folkestone vape shop. With a range of great value prices and tanks to cater to all your needs, what’s stopping you?

Cleito 120 Tank Coils by Aspire

The powerful Aspire 120 is one of the best vape devices for high wattage vaping on the market today. With a slick design and powerful vapour production, you’ll want a coil to match its potency. That’s where the Cleito 120 tank coils come in; these replacement coils can be used in all affiliated devices and come with a hefty 100 to 120 watt range, ensuring that you are getting maximum current in your rebuildable vape circuit. These devices are suitable for sub ohm vaping, ranging from 120 to 0.160 ohms, making them the perfect coil replacement for cloud chasers.

HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Vape Tank

HorizonTech have been responsible for some of the best vape devices out there, blending seamless design with high powered wattage. The tanks you can buy alongside these devices then, will perfectly match the high powered needs of the device. Made from stainless steel, the vape tank includes an easy top fill system as well as an adjustable airflow, ensuring that you can vape the way you want with ease. The durable stainless steel will also keep you vaping for longer, whilst the coil included in the system is one of the most popular on the market today. With sub ohm capabilities, the wood pulp and organic cotton coils use flux paper and fiber to make sure that every drop of vape juice is saturated seamlessly into your vaping system.

Cleito Pro Tank by Aspire

Another gem from Cleito, the pro tank is sub ohm vaping at its best. Reaching a powerful 0.5 ohms, this tank gives you the perfect balance of vaping ease and powerful hits. The pro tank is known for its bottom triforce airflow, giving you more airflow capability to play with, and with triple the normal power, whilst the top fill addition makes it easy to fill up. The advanced wicking systems and a range of coil choices make this device one of the most flexible sub ohm tanks on the market today.

SMOK TFV8 Tank Coils

The rage of TFV8 coils sold at No 1 E juice knows no bounds, there being coils to suit the sub ohm vaper and mini kit vaper. Whether you’re looking for a mid wattage or a high wattage coil for your device, the range of SMOK coils include the TFV8 Baby M2 coils, Baby Q2 coils, T6 coils, T8 coils among many others. The different wattage and sub ohm capabilities of each of these may make the power slightly difference, but that doesn’t undermine the same great quality across the SMOK TFV8 board.

Uwell Crown Tank Coils

Uwell is one of the slickest vape devices on the market, and the Crown Tank coil brings a stylish black sheen to proceedings. With a robust stainless steel and quartz exterior, you can be sure that this top and bottom filling device is one of the most potent on the market today. The highly popular Uwell Crown Tank can also go sub ohm, reach a solid 0.5 ohm resistance and including spare Japanese organic cotton dual coil replacements. For those looking for temperature control capabilities, some Uwell Crown Tank kits also include the Ni200 coil, which can reach a stellar 0.15 ohm.

Cleito Tank Custom Drip Tip (AS126)

With Cleito tanks being some of the most popular on the market, it’s now onder that shops like No 1 E juice, one of the most popular online marketplaces for vaping paraphernalia have started selling customised components for their devices. The custom drip tips give you a range of fun colours and patterns to choose from for the dripper plug, giving you the chance to add your own style and personality. What’s more, the custom replaceable drip tips on sale won’t affect the drippers unique capabilities, ensuring that you get a great dripper hit with every inhale.

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