Vaping has always been prone to new solutions and methods of vaping. Since its inception back in the early noughties, the technology behind the craze has been consistently developing, snowballing into some of the most astounding feats of modern technology today. One of the most recent trends, short fills and nicotine shots have been developing over the last few years. These have in part been a response to the new TPD laws which have meant that nicotine concentrations and the designs of bottles have had to develop into something more fluid and flexible.

What are short fills?

Shortfill vape juice bottles are vape juice bottles which have been designed to have between 10 and 20 percent of the bottle left unfilled. This means that you have more space to add other liquids or nicotine shots, giving you more freedom over flavour and inhale sensation. These bottle types are also used by DIY vapers who want to make their own vape juices.

What are nicotine shots?

Nicotine shots are essentially concentrated nicotine solutions. These strong liquids usually come in 18 mg or 10 mg and can be added to shortfill e liquids so that you can change the amount of nicotine in them to suit your needs as a vaper. The concentration of the resulting e liquid is influenced by how much nicotine free e liquid you added the nicotine shots to, and the measurements should eb dished out precisely to avoid overdosing on nicotine, which can cause nausea and sickness.

Why are nicotine shots and short fills so popular?

There has been a distinct growth in the amount of nicotine shots and short fills being used by vapers in the last few years. There are a range of reasons for this.

Flexible vaping

With short fills and nicotine shots, you are more prone to flexible vaping experiences. With different needs from your nicotine and throat hits, people need to have their say on the juices they are vaping. Everybody has different needs from their vaping experience and nicotine shots and short fills bring the control back to the user.

Higher nicotine content

Nicotine in vape juices is another contentious issue. Some people who prefer to chain vape may want lower nicotine levels than the 3 mg minimum allows, whilst those who are far more addicted may need more than 20 mg to satisfy their needs. The nicotine content of your vape juice depends on your own tastes and experience. Making sure you get the right mix is part of the reason so many people are turning to shortfills and nicotine shots.

Bypassing the TPD laws

As mentioned above, the TPD laws are one of the main reasons that these new vape bottles became so popular. The tobacco product directive laws were created to restrict the freedom of the tobacco industry, but due to vape juice containing nicotine, seeped into the e juice industry as well. As of 2017, pre-filled vape juice bottles could not exceed 10 ml if they contained any nicotine, so in an effort to cut costs on wasteful plastic usage, vape companies started making nicotine free vape juice bottles that could exceed that level. Nicotine shots were also made available so that you could fill up your short fill to reach the levels that suit you.

How to use short fills and nicotine shots

The mixture of vape juice and nicotine shots are up to you. If you have a 10 ml of 18 mg vape juice, you can add the 10 ml to 50 ml of e liquid, creating a 60 ml bottle of 3 mg strength vape juice. Adding a 10 ml shot of 18 mg vape juice to 20 ml of e juice will create a larger concentration of nicotine, somewhere around 6 mg in 30 ml. There are endless combinations you can create, and all you need is the e juice, nicotine concentrate, and a spare bottle to mix it in. Make sure you get the measurements right though, exceeding your tolerated nicotine level can make you feel queasy and sometimes even induce vomiting.

What are the nicotine shots and short fills you can find at No. 1 E Juice then?

One of our favourite nicotine shots is Plusnic, available in 10 ml 18 mg bottles, and some of the purest on the market today. Nic the Juice also sells nicotine salt shots in 18 mg, which allow for a lot more nicotine to be used in the mix. This is because the salt element of these shots uses benzoic acid to mix with nicotine, making higher doses more palatable. Short fill liquids are in abundance at No. 1 E Juice, many of the liquids on sale offering both pre fills and short fill e liquids.

Short fills

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