Tobacco VS E Cig

If you look at the current vaping headlines, you will realise that there are unending streams of myths, deceptions and outright lies. The major pharmaceutical companies and tobacco giants are doing everything possible to convince the whole world that electronic cigarette is toxic despite the scientific evidence proving otherwise.

Of course, electronic cigarette poses a threat, not to the progress we have made in the war against tobacco cigarettes and not to public health. It poses a threat to the profits of Big Pharmaceutical and Big Tobacco Companies. In case smokers in the world could successfully kick the habit of smoking the real thing with vaping, they won't need cigarettes or pills, patches and prescription drugs aimed at smoking cessation. In fact, the threat is bigger than painting the electronic cigarette in a bad light. However, is it really working?

The new survey release this week from the Harvard University exposes how Americans see vaping. Approximately 32% of the Americans surveyed believe that vaping is just as harmful as smoking, and staggering six percent believe that vaping is more hazardous than smoking. Despite the fact that vaping eliminates tobacco, thousands of carcinogens and tar, it is hard to understand why some people still believe this is a threat. There is no evidence linking vaping and cancer, yet millions of smokers die from lung cancer annually.

The vaping industry in the United States is currently standing at a crossroads with the FDA regulations threatening to wipe out various vaping products in one swoop. Now, can Americans fight against unfair regulation if the majority are misinformed about how vaping impact their health?

President of the American vaping association, Gregory Conley believes the crooked media outlets and health leaders should be held accountable for damages that smokers are experiencing right now. The fact that more than half of the American population cannot answer this question correctly (between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, which one is more harmful?) is a scandal, given the level of literacy. The public health should be put to task for their role in misinforming the public about the vaping impact on their health.

Are you also surprised to hear that a staggering 32% of Americans think that vaping is as harmful as smoking cigarettes? What can we do to prevent the FDA from initiating a full force attack on vape shops, or is it too late to spreed awareness?


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