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According to the Indiana's public health officials, it is safer to smoke tobacco cigarettes than to vape electronic cigarettes. The unfortunate statement was made following the release of a new study, which showed that despite the increase in vaping among Indiana youths, fewer and fewer teens are smoking the real thing.

The Indiana Prevention Resource Centre executive director states that the teens have the misconception that electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. And he believes that the industry is intentionally marketed electronic cigarettes to make them appear they are safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Now, let us face the facts. The Indiana teen's survey confirms the existing evidence: electronic cigarettes are not serving as a gateway to tobacco cigarette smoking among the youth. Smoking among the youth in Indiana declined to 16.2% in 2015 from 24.6% in 2011, approximately 33% reduction. It is not just consistent with the serving as the gateway hypothesis that the public could continue to see a steady decline in the smoking prevalence in this massive experimentation with electronic cigarettes.

Here, we can see another example of public health officials misrepresentation to the public about the effect of smoking and vaping relative to health. In fact, the study lies to the public that fewer youth are smoking than experimenting with electronic cigarettes. It seems we are now after the isolated ideological goal of concurring nicotine addiction instead of the efforts to save the lives and improve the general public health. If health officials want more kids to smoke than use relatively compassionate form of nicotine instead, then they are no longer champion for improved public health, but pursuing an ideology.

If the tobacco cigarette companies were making the same claims as this new study, then you could be sure that anti-smoking advocates around the world could be venomously attacking them for lying to public and undermining the steps made in educating the public about the hazards of smoking. However, if it the public health officials lying, it is actually acceptable, as long as their ultimate goal is reached!


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