For a country like Malaysia that is deep in the traditions of Islam, it is not easy to get into guilty pleasures. In fact, premarital sex and alcohol are considered taboo, and the religious beliefs prohibit most interest in drugs. As a substitute, the citizens turn mainly on tobacco and food, two superior markets that is generating lots of interest and revenue for Malaysia. Currently, adult citizens are combining their efforts towards the use of electronic cigarettes.

The vaping industry in Malaysia is booming to unforeseen proportion. The citizens can't get enough of the locally brewed liquid flavours such as jasmine tea, lychee, and syrup Bandung, since many Vape companies are challenging themselves to come up with the best flavours that people can relate to.

Of course, not everyone is pleased with the increasing vape culture. The religious bodies have declared that the use of electronic cigarettes is "haram", strictly illegal for Muslims. Unfortunately, the Islamic leadership considerably controls the Malaysian government; the proposal to ban vaping is constantly floated in the parliament. Although, no ban has been accepted officially, the Health Ministry is working hard to stop vape shops.

So far, the vape shops across the nation are experiencing raids where health officials take away their products and essentially leave the businesses inoperable. As if that is not enough, the Health Ministry this week announced that the raid would be intensified in a bid to eliminate the electronic cigarette use in Malaysia. They tell the country not use electronic cigarettes, because it is harmful to health in the long-term.

Sadly, the officials have provided no evidence that vaping is indeed harmful, and deliberately refuse to consider several scientific studies that prove otherwise. This is just another example of how the world has a negative perspective on electronic cigarettes. Let's be honest, tobacco use is legalised and ignored, while a device designed to help smokers quit is outlawed in Malaysia. Wake up Malaysia, and don't allow the citizens die of tobacco related diseases.

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