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The new tobacco alternative has taken the world by storm, but how safe it? According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, electronic cigarettes have not been fully studied and consumers currently don’t understand the potential risk of the device. The administration says, there is not enough information to ascertain how they are bad, considering the initial arguments they are less harmful that traditional cigarettes.

Recently, FDA also releases a statement, saying they are uncertain about the long-term effect of e-cigarettes, and announced that electronic cigarettes should be subjected to similar regulations as any other tobacco product. Dr. Nathan Cobb when interviewed by the New England Journal underscored that the electronic cigarette is a drug delivery device. He complained that e-cigarettes are regulated in a lighter and different way than traditional tobacco-based smokes and this is no good for smokers.

At first glance, e-cigarettes seem a winning alternative with a lot of advantages. However, a new study released recently by Japanese scientist has suggested that electronic cigarettes may be far darker than they first claimed. So, the finding will force e-cig firms to reckon with the possible health effect of their products. Better still, it would be for the e-cig industry to make public independence analysis that clinically proves that the products contain no harmful products.

The proponent claimed three tangible advantages to e-cigarettes over the real traditional tobacco: Vaping can be done anywhere, indoors, even under the blanket without setting the house on fire; they won’t kill anyone; they cost less than normal cigarettes in the long run. Put nomenclature aside, and set records straight. Electronic cigarettes can’t be good for you, but the question is what level of bad are they?

The truth is that the nicotine-infused vapours look like smoke, but doesn’t have thousands of chemicals and odour of regular cigarettes. The FDA regulations also require companies to make their e-cigs as clean and fairly harmless as possible to make them a safer option than combustible tobacco products

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