If your one of the many smokers out there that is considering quitting smoking, you might be looking at whether vaping may be a viable option. It certainly is, and has helped countless people kick their cigarette habits. Studies have found that vaping is significantly safer than smoking cigarettes, and none of the cancer causing substances found in cigarettes and tobacco, are found in E-liquids. So, if you’ve decided now that you’ll give vaping a try you may be wondering what the best E-juice is for you. Not all E-juices are made equally and some are made for casual vapers, meaning they don’t contain much nicotine. There are E-juices made specifically with smokers in mind and these are the ones you’ll want to be looking out for. In this article we will look at some of the best Vape Flavours for smokers and look at some great recommendations.

Flavour Satisfaction

One of the most important things smokers look for when they switch to vaping is an E-liquid that will give them the flavour satisfaction they previously got from their favourite cigarettes. This is very important to smokers who want to move away from smoking cigarettes but still relish the same taste of tobacco. If this is the case for you then tobacco E-juices are a great place to start! Tobacco E-juices are the original E-liquid flavour, and one of the most popular. These specific E-juices are perfect for smokers who don’t want to deviate away from the tobacco flavours they’re used to and want something with the rich taste they desire.

What About If I smoke Menthol Cigarettes?

Not everyone who smokes enjoys the rich bold taste of tobacco and so many opt to smoke menthol cigarettes instead. The taste of menthol is fresh, breezy, minty and completely different to the tobacco taste. This is all about preference and you could even opt to get both types of E-juices if you like! After tobacco, menthol is the next popular E-juice choice for many smokers, and this is the one they will likely choose after tobacco. Some people complain that menthol E-juices don’t quite capture the robust minty taste that the cigarettes do. It’s also said that the flavours combined with menthol such as tobacco and other fruits, are a bit of a let-down. However this doesn’t have to be the case! Here at No1ejuice we stock only the best quality E-liquids and our tobacco and menthol sections are filled with delicious, great tasting vape juices. If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and switch to vaping, you’ll be pleased to know we have everything you need to kick your cigarette habit for good. 

When it comes to successfully giving up smoking, having the right vape juice and nicotine strength is really key. At No1ejuce we have the perfect menthol E-juices to really rejuvenate your taste buds and leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. If you enjoy tasting cool blended mints and want to enjoy a new and improved vaping experience, then it’s definitely worth checking out our great menthol selection. Some of our E-juice bottles come in 100ml bottles such as Grape Ice which tastes like frozen yet juicy, minty, grapes. You could also try a vape juice from the Naked 100 E-liquid brand. Frost Bite, for example, has a great tasting cantaloupe and honeydew flavour and gives you a lovely dose of fresh, menthol. 

Vape flavours

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