Do E-cigarettes Reverse The Harm Done By Smoking?

E-cigarettes have become very popular in a relatively short amount of time thanks to their efficiency in aiding smoking cessation, and also helping to reduce tobacco consumption. There hasn’t been direct confirmation of the reversal of harmful effects when switching from smoking to E-cigarettes, but there are some studies which show that there are positive health benefits. It is possible for doctors to detect early changes in the airway function and respiratory symptoms in smoking who have switched to vaping. For smokers who may still be toying with the idea of switching to vaping, this is very good news! In this article we will look at some of the benefits found in various early studies, and look at what the potential benefits are in switching to E-vapour.

E-cigarettes have now become so popular that some have predicted they could actually surpass the consumption of conventional cigarette smoking. There have been many UK ECig Stores that have emerged in the last couple of years and vaping has become very popular among many different people. Some studies have found that exclusive e-cig users have lower urine levels of tobacco smoke, carcinogens, and toxicants when compared with that of tobacco smokers. It is likely then, that people who switch to E-cigarettes will experience health benefits, thanks to the lack of poisonous chemicals in their blood stream. Studies have also found that in asthmatic patients, there is significant improvements in respiratory symptoms and lung function when patients switched to 6-months of regular E-cigarette use. Apart from the health benefits mentioned, switching to vaping has also been shown to decrease blood pressure and hypertension by alleviating the often crippling anxiety associated with smoking cessation. Other studies have shown that quitting smoking by switching to vaping helps to limit the weight gain that often accompanies smokers when they quit. Many people who quit smoking end up with hypertension and ultimately end up putting on weight. Switching to E-cigarettes is very helpful during the quitting process as it stops you putting so much weight on. Another great thing is that it also helps to stabilise and lower blood pressure.

When Were Health Improvements Noticeable?

Studies found that in smokers with hypertension and asthma, health improvements were noted as early as 6 months into the switch to vaping. The improvements were not drastic or huge but rather gradual, and were of clinical relevance. Ultimately the improvements, however slight, positively impacted on the patients overall quality of life. It’s important to note that these improvements were also noted in patients who indulged in a few cigarettes (dual users).The ways in which it improved patients’ quality of life were numerable. Not only were they able to have more control over respiratory symptoms, resulting in less asthma attacks and better sleep, but there was a reduction in medications that worked to alleviate the troublesome symptoms noted above. Studies also found that smokers with high blood pressure and hypertension, who switched to vaping were more relaxed and less anxious which in turn significantly improved their social and psychological life. There were even benefits for the dual users, who both smoke and vaped. Studies found that these users substantially decreased their cigarette consumption, which meant that the harmful effects of toxic cigarette smoke were reversed and respiratory and vascular levels were stabilised. All of these benefits can be seen in patients who were not only unwell with respiratory problems, but with patients who simply smoked normally and used vaping at the same time. While it is still too early to get a solid overview of the benefits of vaping, these early findings are encouraging. In the future we will hopefully get a broader idea of how E-cig users can benefit health-wise, when they switch from tobacco smoking to vaping.

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