If you’re new to vaping, you’ll need to know how to do the basics like change your tank or refill your cartomizer. It’s likely that you’ll be doing this frequently when you first start out, so it’s always best to know what you’re doing. Vape Shops stock all of the products mentioned and it’s worth going to your local store to check out some of these items.

Refillable Cartomizer And Smilomizers

If you have a re-fillable cartomizer or smilomizer, you should be aware that they need E-liquid to work. There are benefits to filling up E-cigarettes yourself! The advantages are that you can mix flavours together and ultimately, save money. There are different techniques involved when it comes to filling E-cigarettes. There are some E-liquid bottles that have eye-droppers attached and this makes it easy to fill your smilomizer. Another method is to use a syringe and this makes filling up more accurate and is much quicker! This is because you can see exactly how much E-liquid you are going to add and you can also see inside the polyfill.


Smilomizers are similar to regular vaping carts in terms of how they are filled and re-filled. They come in two sizes: small, which can hold 3.5ml of E-liquid and the large, which holds 6ml.The mouthpiece on a smilomozer is chewy and soft and comes off to reveal white polyfill, just like a cartomizer. Smilomizers come with nothing inside of them and must be filled with E-liquid when bought.

To fill up your smilomizer follow these simple steps:

1. Pull off the mouth piece, unscrew the tip and drip around 70-90 drops against the side of your smilomizer, making sure it goes into the white filler material. You should work your way around in a circle, filling it up with E-juice just beneath the centre hole. Make sure you don’t put E-juice into the centre hole since this is the air intake and it could damage your smilomizer.

2. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then repeat the process.

3. If you start to experience a lack of vapour production or flavour, it’s time to re-fill your smilomizer.


Cartomizers come either as blank cartomizers or pre-filled E-ciggarette cartridges. People tend to use these until they run out of liquid before disposing them. To re-fill a cartomizer follow the simple steps below:

  • 1.Using a thumbtack, carefully remove the small white disk by sticking the tack in the tiny hole and pulling it out to one side.
  • 2.Holding the cart at a 45 degree angle, drip five E-liquid drops inside the wall of the cart, rotating it after each drip and repeat this process until E-liquid is soaked into the white filling.
  • 3.Replace the small white disc onto the cart and leave it to stand on an even surface for 10 minutes. Now you can attach your cart to your E-cigarette battery for vaping. It’s important to note that if E-liquid leaks out while vaping, this means the cart has been overfilled.
  • Tanks
  • Tanks are popular with vape mod users, and they come in a few different sizes. These hold more E-liquid than a cartomizer, because they hold the liquid in an acrylic or glass tube which is much bigger. To refill an E-cigarette tank follow these simple steps:
  • 1.First pull the cartomizer through the bottom of the tank by ½ an inch. There should be a small gap between the top of the tank and the clear acrylic side of the tank.
  • 2.Tilt the tank slightly and fill into the cartomizer until it overflows. Then completely fill the tank around the cartomizer.

When you have finished filling it up, push the cartomoizer back into the tank and put your drip tip on the cartomizer. Then start vaping! If you find that the space between the cartomizer and the wall of the tank is dry, then you know it’s time to refill your tank. 

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