For a person to switch from smoking to vaping, he/she needs to understand clearly the importance of the new approach. The innovations on e-cigarette flavors are continuous and in fact, there are varieties of e-liquids being formulated to satisfy the taste of users around the world. Here are the top 5 reasons why vaping is a suitable alternative to smoking.

The Total Cost of Vaping is Cheaper than Traditional Smoking

E-cigarettes do not have the dilemma of high cost witnessed in traditional cigarettes. Although the entry cost of a starter kit may be a bit higher, the month-to-month cost of vaping is typically about half as compared to that of smoking. Currently, e-cigs are not subjected to any tax like traditional cigarettes. As technology develops and becomes mainstream, the cost is predicted to decline more in the future.

No Distinctive Odor

The scents from traditional cigarettes get into, and cling in anything they come in contact with. The cigarette odors do not only cling, but also many people consider small of traditional cigarettes offensive and avoid close contact with smokers. If you are a smoker, you might fail to notice it, because you are immersed in it all the time. E-cigarettes vaping does not have this ominous odor, instead of exhaling smoke; you exhale a vapor that disappears immediately.

The Flavor

One of the key features of e-cigs is that it comes with many intensities and variation in flavor. The flavor includes wintergreen, peppermint and spearmint, which you can use to refresh your breath after a meal. You can also taste the fruit flavor of your choice with e-cigarettes, which can hit your bad taste with long-lasting sensation you cannot resist. If you are fond of drinking cappuccino and coffee, you will find the same taste in e-cigarette. This will enable you to stay awake even with just a puff and incredibly give you the long lasting aftertaste of your favorite cappuccino as opposed to traditional cigarettes.


There are numerous studies showing how smoking traditional cigarettes can put your health at higher risk with a host of conditions, including heart attack throat and lung cancer, stroke, osteoporosis and pneumonia among others. Traditional cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. With e-cigarettes, you get your nicotine delivered in a water vapor. No more tar, smoke, chemicals and toxins like carcinogen. The point is that e-cigarettes reduce the harm and smoking rates of individuals at the population level, thus improving overall health.


If you are smoker, you have certainly noticed an increased number of restrictions around where you can smoke, even at a private party where the host is a non-smoker. With e-cigarettes, you will continue to vape and get the nicotine you crave for without using the method that is increasingly seen as irresponsible and intrusive.

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