Tips for Choosing the Appropriate E-liquid Strength

Just like choosing the perfect cigarette, E-cigarette customers equally need to select the appropriate nicotine strength. This is because a level that is too low may not satisfy the user, leading to over compensating while one that is too high may be too intense, delivering more nicotine

Evaluate your current usage

If you are switching directly from cigarettes, you may want to consider the approximate amount that you smoke in a day. Individuals who smoke approximately one packet in a day of regular flavored cigarettes will often find an e-juice containing 18mg of nicotine sufficient. If you are switching from smoking lights, 12 mg will be ideal while those smoking ultra lights will find 6 mg most gratifying.

Different people will react differently to nicotine levels. It is therefore recommended that you try different strengths before committing to one. If you are used to smoking the traditional cigarette and you are to quit nicotine altogether, you may want to start off with a full flavored e-liquid and work to lower your dosage from there.

Consider PG/VG concentrations

This refers to the percentage of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that is contained in the e-liquid. The typical e-liquid will contain a 50/50 concentration, which allows vapers to have an adequate vapor production coupled with sufficient flavor. However, you may be allergic to Propelyne glycol, which would require you to look for an e-liquid that is comprised strictly of vegetable glycerin. On the other hand, you may have vaping and diabetes concerns, in which case you would need to look for a mixture containing propylene glycol exclusively.

Consider your current preferences

If you are switching from the regular tobacco cigarettes, you must be familiar with the different available flavors, including bubble gum, caramel, coffee, jasmine and blackberry among others. Fortunately, there are numerous flavors of e-liquid to choose from, allowing you to stick to your preferred flavor.

You should also consider using blended favors to enhance your vaping experience. The blended flavors are available in two or more different appeals that create a very special vaping experience. There are different types of flavors, including tobacco flavors mixed, fruity mixed, dessert mixed or tobacco mixed with dessert, fruity mixed with drink and many other mixes. These thoroughly blended flavors are a favorite among many E-cigarette customers.

Selecting the appropriate nicotine level will go a long way in ensuring an easy and enjoyable transition to e-cigarettes. A higher level may cause you discomfort at the back of your throat, dizziness after a few drags or headache after a light session of vaping. On the other hand, selecting a lighter replacement than the original tobacco you are used to will typically lead to compensation smoking. This means that you will end up smoking more to make up for the nicotine your body needs and craves. It is therefore crucial that you properly customize your e-liquid nicotine strength.

However, the majority of new vapers, especially beginners and those switching to E-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes are often bewildered by the task of selecting a proper nicotine strength. This article will assist you to choose an ideal level of intensity that will give you an incredible vaping experience.

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