The Charm of Vaping - The Benefit of E Cigarette

Is E Juice Flavour Important?

Even though exotic flavours of cigarettes were banned in 2009, e cigarettes are selling a myriad of exotic flavours. Some argue that the flavours will attract young children and get them hooked on nicotine. The manufacturers claim that is not true and studies seem to back this so far, showing that the average age for cherry flavoured vapour is 40 years old. Do flavours really matter in vapour sales or is it just hype?

How many E Juice Flavours are there?

Currently there are more than 7,000 flavours of e-liquid and nearly 250 or more new flavours being introduced per month. This does not include vape customers who mix their own flavours at home. Some producers of e cigarettes only produce tobacco and menthol flavours, but with sales of disposables and convenience store e-cigarettes they may be rethinking that. Companies that do not offer flavours are seeing their market share plummet.

The reason why people vaping

evod-twin.pngIt seems that flavours of e liquid is what draws people to try vaping and keeps them using it. It is totally different than smoking traditional cigarettes and could possibly be the reason the do not go back to traditional smoking. If that is the case and flavours are what keep people from going back to cigarettes why would anyone want to regulate flavours? Research shows that flavours are essential to vaping, and yet they still do not increase the appeal to children. But it is also argued that with the many flavours available and many people switching to vaping it will make smoking more normal again, in a new form and invite a whole new generation of vapour users. While others staunchly claim that flavours will most certainly appeal to younger users.

It seems that the results are going to be out for awhile as to whether flavours attract younger users. And regulation is sure to come at some point once studies are completed. Between now and the time that studies are concluded there will be exotic flavours coming out all the time. The debates will continue about safety and the appeal to younger users. The bottom line is that people are still going to smoke; either cigarettes or e-cigarettes whether there are exotic flavours or not. 

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