Hopefully, you heard the latest electronic cigarette study, the one that said vapors inhale various forms of formaldehyde. It was sad news after five scientists from Portland State University published their findings in the New England journal of Medicine.

The study mainly focused on a quality vaporizer that heats a flavoured liquid that contains nicotine. The resulting heat causes the electronic cigarettes liquid to form vapour, which users inhale. Most electronic cigarettes allow those who Vape to control the voltage. During the research, scientists tested the device at both high and low voltages. At high voltage they detected some formaldehyde. However, at low voltage they didn't detect any formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen which exists among hundreds of toxic chemicals in combustible cigarettes that cause cancer. The authors then rushed to conclude that individuals who use electronic cigarettes at high voltage are 10 times more likely to get cancer than longtime tobacco cigarette smokers.

There is no doubt that studies like this have serious influence on the public perception with regard to electronic cigarette use. Even though, tobacco cigarettes use results in more than a million deaths worldwide annually, most of the public health officials treat electronic cigarettes as evil.

The study by the Portland State fits well in this dynamic. It is factually true on one hand that vaping at a very high voltage will cause formaldehyde. However, the conclusion is totally misleading. People cannot Vape at a high voltage, since it results in a terrible taste. According to the Konstantinos Farsalinos, the popular Greek scientist and vaping expert, nobody can inhale at high voltage: the taste is unbearable.

In fact, the study conveys good news. When the device is used at normal voltage, vaping produces no formaldehyde. Instead of spreading a misleading statement to the public about the use electronic cigarettes, these five scientists should insist on regulating the temperature and voltage conditions of these devices so that the issue of formaldehyde contamination is totally avoided.


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