It may feel like one of the hardest things in the world but more and more people are giving up smoking. With tobacco prices rising every year and more and more research being done into the harmful effects of cigarettes, which hold within them over 600 different chemicals. Records show that these days there are more former smokers than there are current smokers and with vaping being a far more healthy alternative it’s no wonder that there are so many people making the switch. On top of this there are easy and cheap ways to get vapes, such as NO1 Ejuice, the best UK ecig Store which gives you even more selection than tobacco ever could. But just what are the other alternatives, and although they may never match up to vaping, how effective are they in getting people to quit smoking?

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine can be purchased from most pharmacies and is used as an aid to giving up nicotine. The gum works by the body absorbing the nicotine through the mouth and into the bloodstream and is especially useful due to the fact that it can be bought at a variety of different strengths, much like ejuice. The gum is therefore used as an aid to giving up completely, the doses of nicotine slowly being shrunk until you are no longer dependent on the substance. The nicotine content is usually either 2 mg or 4 mg of nicotine and therefore gives you control over how much you can have.

The problem with nicotine gum is that art of a person’s addiction to smoking is in the habit of holding the cigarette and therefore this doesn’t quite itch that scratch, vaping being a far more satisfying way to still get that nicotine hit without smoking tobacco.


Hypnotherapy works as a way of exploring not the physical addiction to nicotine but the psychological. For many people, a nicotine addiction is more to do with the subconscious links to smoking that exist, rather than the physical addiction that your body possesses. Whether it is down to feelings of self-consciousness, boredom or rebelliousness that lead to you wanting to smoke, the hypnotherapy that many people go through can help to reconfigure those psychological links in your mind. The problem with hypnotherapy is that it is quite an investment, costing anywhere up to £500 and sometimes more. The effects are not always permanent and some of the time doesn’t even work. It all depends on the person being hypnotised and also how susceptible you are to it. In essence this means that you can’t be sure of it succeeding in helping you to give up the habit. Hypnotherapy therefore, can sometimes be a gamble and takes matters somewhat out of your own hands. Vaping keeps you in control of how much nicotine you smoke.

Nicotine Patches

Reserved for the heavier smokers, patches give you a steady stream of nicotine right into your bloodstream through patches. Research has also shown that Nicotine patches can help in treatment in early onset dementia and depression and anxiety in subjects with ADHD. For the long time smoker, they are part of a process called “smoking cessation”, if you are a light smoker then you are much better off sticking to e-cigarettes.

Cold Turkey

Last off is going cold turkey. For those of us who have seen Trainspotting, you’ll know that this can be a very tough process indeed and can cause feelings of anxiety, irritation and an inability to think clearly. This process rarely works as smokers find themselves smoking again after often only a few hours.

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