There has been plenty of debate surrounding coil dry burning, some seeing beneficial and some seeing it as dangerous.

Whilst a dry hit from your vape device can come from a number of different reasons, one of the most recurring causes comes from problems with the coil you’re using. Although some people may want their hits to be dry to get that extra throat hit, there’s a difference between a preference for harsh vape hits and a burnt coil hit. Even if you do like your hits dryer, coil hits have a very specific use and can also be dangerous. So, what can you do to defend against dry throat hits and a burnt a coil, and why do some people see burning a coil as a useful process?

Why some people burn their coils

There are those who see burning coils as a good idea in moderation. Studies have shown its benefits in a range of different scenarios.


Burning coils has been seen as a good way to “align” new vape models. This means that materials in the vape device which have not yet been used take advantage of the heat produced from the burning coil to meld alloys and heat the metal to a state of use. Think of the coil burning as a “warm up” or muscle stretch for the previously unused device.

Clearing residuals

Coil burning can be used to clear old vape juice from the tank or even residual materials from a new vape device. This makes the vape hits later down the line cleaner and more fluid. The coil burning is used in the same manner as a plunger to unclog a toilet.

Dry burning dangers

That being said, there are various dangers to coil burning. If done unintentionally and continuously it can arguably damage your health.

Firstly is the fact that clearing residuals from your tank can be both a help and a hindrance. This is because if the materials from within the device which you are purging are inhaled into the lungs, they can cause damage to the airwaves. This is especially true if you have an allergy or intolerance to metals such as Nickel which can cause skin rashes and itching. Some materials being exhumed from the device may be corrosive and not something you want in the body in large quantities.

That being said, it is only through continuous use that you may find these symptoms taking effect.

Different coil materials

When it comes to finding your perfect coil, it might be wise to check out the different materials available to you. This can help inform your decision on which are most likely to burn and cause you allergic reactions if you have any.


This metal alloy of iron, chromium and aluminium means that the oxides formed on heating create a secure barrier on the wire surface. The problem with Kanthal alloys is that temperature control is not an option. If you’re opting for one of the more complex power control mods, then it may be best to steer clear of Kanthal due to its temperature inflexibility.


Nichrome is another metal alloy which protects the coil from burning out. This is due to the chromium of the nickel and chromium alloy creating an oxidised layer around the coil when heated.

Ni 200

This full nickel oxide coil is one for those who like high temperatures when inhaling their E Cig Juice. This is because the oxidised metal si created by burning Nickel to over 400 degrees Celsius.

Stainless Steel

These state of the art coils do not allow a protective oxide to form and have traces of molybdenum and manganese within their chemical makeup.

Protecting your coil

Looking to protect your coil from burning out? There are several ways you can prevent it.

Non touching coils

Non touching coils are easy to find and easy to make with a coil clipper kit. Simply make sure that each loop of the malleable metal you are turning into a coil do not touch. This will reduce the likelihood of hot spots due to the increased surface area and cooler air between the heated metal loops.

Ceramics and coil-less solutions

Ceramic coils are new to the market and research is still underway into regards to its safety. There are pros and cons which are still being researched. On top of this, if you’re looking for coil-less solutions, these could very well be hitting the market soon enough.

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