The Correct Way To Drip Vape

One ofthe most increasingly popular vape styles, dripping, is thought to be toopernickety for most. The reality is that it is incredibly easy to get the hangof.

Dripping, a new, quicker way to get a vape hitwithout using up too much of the juice. Whilst vaping has been around for overa decade, dripping is a fairly recent phenomenon which has only become popularsince the introduction of mods. Mods allow you to make alterations to yourstandard vape device and dripping is one of them. There are plenty of benefitsyou can gain from dripping, and it could definitely be the vaping style you’vebeen waiting for.

What isdripping?

Dripping is the name given to a different wayof vaping with an e cigarette. With normal e-cigs you’ll have a tank, whichslowly lets out vape juice from the tank and onto the atomiser. The atomiser isthe part of the vape device that is heated by the battery and thereforeevaporates the e liquid. Using a drip, bypasses the need for a tank by having adrip tip through which you can drop e liquid directly onto the atomiser. Fromhere the e liquid is saturated into the wick,the cotton around the atomiser and heated to the point of evaporation forinhalation.

Partsof a dripper

So due to its very nature, an e-cigarette mustcontain differing parts to an e-cigarette. Whilst you can find vape devicessuitable for dripping in many vape shops,you’ll have to look out for and replace certain parts of the dripper oncethey have been worn down. Below are a few of the dripper parts you won’t findin your everyday e cigarette.


Once dripping became popular, people began toalter their atomisers. The reason for this was to make the vape hit as strongas possible, upping the quality of an already improved vape taste. The drippingatomiser differs from a normal vape devices part, because the bridge has beenremoved. The bridge is the piece of metal mesh over the atomiser, allowing the vapejuice to spread over it. Whilst it is possible to drip onto the atomiserbridge, the better vape hits come from dripping directly onto the atomiser.


The drip shield refers to the open tube overthe air vent holes of the vape device. These are used to catch any vape juicethat manages to escape from the vape devices atomiser whilst dripping. It isalso used to improve the looks of your device.

Why dopeople drip?

So why do people drip? Should everybody try itor only vape veterans, and on that note, would they enjoy it more than a normaldevice?

Strongervape taste

One of the plus sides of a dripper is that thetaste is thoroughly improved. When you vape with a normal tank, it’s notunusual to see some of the taste lost through diluting in the tan. When vapejuice is inhaled from the tank, it has to go on a rather long journey throughthe tank to the atomiser and wick, and then through the vape devicesmouthpiece. Dripping means that the first leg of this journey is taken away andtherefore retaining some of the vape juices quality which may have been lostotherwise.

Lightweightvape devices

Losing the tank on your vape device also meansthat you’re losing a lot of that hefty weight. With less vape juice swillinground in the back of your vape device, you’re losing a considerable amount ofthe mass, making your device far more efficient and easy to carry.

Lessvape juice wasted

On top of the quality of the vape taste, youwill be using the maximum amount of vape juice possible. Especially with adripping atomiser, you will be dripping only as much as you want to onto thevape devices atomiser making it efficient and an economical use of your vapejuice. Every drop counts!

How doyou drip?

Drippers range from vape pens with a built inatomiser to large sub ohm mods. Using a hole at the top of your vape device,you drop vape juice directly onto the atomiser, making sure to drip a few dropsso as to saturate the surrounding cotton wick. Once you’ve done this, it’s asimple case of inhaling the evaporated e liquid. Some atomisers are selfmodified, by removing the rubber tip and filler material from otherwisenon-drippers. Nowadays, it’s much more common to drip through an atomiser witha raised metal collar, the aforementioned dripping atomiser.

Practicemakes perfect

So should beginners try dripping? Like withanything, dripping requires a certain amount of practice. This is why most ofthe people who drip, started out with classic vape devices and then got intodripping at a later date. That being said, with a little practice, anyone,beginner or pro, can drip with ease!

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